Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

What's up with me and what's up with LJ?

I haven't updated this journal in ages. It's not that I am not reading your posts, I have. I don't know many active friends I stil have, and I definitely don't know how many of you even care of my existence. I truly don't blame you. I did not seem that I was around that much. Why? Well, FB took a good portion of my time away. I am working hard rescuing dogs. Facebook has the rescue pages (some of them I own) and group pages. On top of itl all, my health and my mother's health has not been good, and to add the cream on top of troubles, one of my dog's died.

But I'm digressing, it is not about me that I am writing today. It's about the STUPID, NEW FRIENDS FEED. What's up with LJ? I hate the new feed. I tried to avoid to switch to the new feed for as long as I could. LJ wouldn't let me do that. I'd love to see the Friends Feed to, either look like the way it was (like my journal), or better yet, just feed everyone's page the way they had set them up. It would be cool to see the different backgrounds, fonts, etc. What's your opinion?
Tags: dogs, friends feed, health, lj, me, mom, rant
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