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Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff Will Break Radio Silence at Comic Con in San Diego, CA

Found Michael Ausiello, June 20, 2007

Question: Any Lost scoop yet?— Susan 

Ausiello: How 'bout a Lost tip instead: If you haven't already done so, get thee a ticket to next month's San Diego Comic-Con. And quick. At the Promax convention last week, Team Darlton announced that they will be breaking radio silence about the Season 4 finale at the annual geekfest. "At Comic-Con we will for the first time discuss the events of the finale," Carlton Cuse said. To tide us over until then, Cuse offered this ambiguous tease: "Lost is like a mosaic, and there are 48 tiles left to go in the mosaic. And up until this season, you saw the present island, and you saw the past. And now you’ve seen the future. So when all the tiles are in place, the picture of Lost will be complete." (I warned ya it was ambiguous.) Damon Lindelof chimed in, "The fact that people are saying, 'What is the show going to be next year?' is really exciting for us. People are going, 'Are there going to be flashbacks? Flash forwards? Is it going to be [set] off the island? On the island? Where in time will it be?'" Answers are (hopefully) coming at Comic-Con! Speaking of which, are we all gonna meet up at the Corvette Diner this year or what? Onion rings are on me! 

Question: Hypothetically, if I were to tell you that I was dying for some scoop on Lost, what would you say?— Ben 

I'd say that Carlton Cuse also revealed that, much like Seasons 1-3, Season 4 will have an overarching theme. "The first season was really about landing on the island and realizing they’re not going to be rescued right away, the second season is about the hatch, this season was about the Others, and next season, well, we’ll talk about that later. But it’ll definitely have a theme [with a] beginning, a middle and an end." 

Tags: carlton cuse, damon lindelof, lost, michael ausiello, tv guide
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