Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

How to beat the long hiatus

Let's face it, we have a long hiatus ahead of us:

So, the Michael Emerson Fan Board came up with a clever idea to beat the blues of the long wait. We started up a thread that talks about what we have learned while watching LOST. I put all 247 entries that we have so far in the home page of Michael Emerson's website (http://michaelemerson.net). This particular entry will be continously updated, so come on over as often as you can to read the witty statements Michael Emerson's fans can come up with. Here's a small sample:

What I have learned while watching LOST:
  1. What a fuselage is.
  2. What you call those tubes where you put something in and it shoots it up (pneumatic).1
  3. What a pylon is.
  4. That Michael Emerson exists (and thereby, do all of you). You know the rest.
  5. A bit about manipulation, from The Man himself (not that I would ever use it).
  6. A bit about the Valenzetti Equation and—I forget the name, the study of using people's eye motions to infer their thoughts (someone really scrutinized the direction of Henry's eyes in the hatch and inferred that he was lying, and even the nature of his thoughts at several points!)
  7. You can resuscitate a near-dead person by banging on their chest really hard.
  8. Polar bears apparently can survive a tropical climate.
  9. That you can watch a TV show frame by frame.
  10. That you should watch LOST frame by frame

    Source: http://michaelemerson.net

Tags: hiatus, lost, mefb, what i have learned while watching lost
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