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07 October 2018 @ 12:01 pm
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  • Sun, 01:51: RT @NancyPelosi: Is it still All About Eve? Trump blames Dr. Ford. Grassley blames Dianne Feinstein & says Republican women can’t handle th…
  • Sun, 01:52: RT @MichaelAvenatti: And btw, I have never seen a man despised in his own home city more than you. It turns out that the people of NYC knew…
  • Sun, 01:52: RT @mitchellreports: Kavanaugh is confirmed 50 to 48. Smallest margin for a Supreme Court Justice in more than a century
  • Sun, 01:53: RT @Alyssa_Milano: In conclusion: People should be fucking terrified and outraged. I sure as hell am. We need to take back our power by…