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Favorite LOST Episode (Colllision)

Recently I was asked about giving out my one LOST favorite episode. After pondering about it, I couldn't come up with just one. They were all my favorite, or at best, they all had some merit. Not one episode left me without my wanting to watch more, wanting more, learning more. However, last night, while on the commuter train I take to go home, I put on my iPod. I really wanted to listen to one the other podcasts that I listen to. But as fate would have it, I accidentally touched the wrong list and put on a LOST episode.

Rats, I said to myself, of all the episodes, this one is the one I really don’t want to watch right now. But being somewhat lazy at 6:30 pm, I decided to watch it. The episode ended just as my station was called out; hence, I got to watch the whole show. And I was glad that I did watch it all, because I knew then and there that John Locke would be pleased with me: Fate spoke, and I listened.

So here’s my favorite: 


When I first saw it, I didn’t realize what an awesome story Collision was. We got to see the closeness that Sawyer, Jin, and Michael developed with each other. They met the Tailies and it was not in the best of circumstances. Ana Lucia did not make the encounter a pleasant one. Our fuselage heroes did not experience the horror that the Tailies experienced. They did not fear “The Others” the way the Tailies feared them. Consequently, the Fusies were more trusting and open. Meeting someone as rough, distrustful, and tough as Ana Lucia must have been a shock. The Tailies seemed to get along a lot better than the Fusies. (There were no bickering, as there were with Sawyer, Jin, and Michael.) Sawyer (by nature) is always a cynic, Michael is always a complainer, and Jin (because of his lack of knowledge of English) is clueless. Put these three men together, and it is not the best ingredient for a good-time party. But Ana Lucia was a dictator. Hence, her group was in-line. However, the Fusies had something over the Tailies: a considerable amount of respect and deep-rooted feeling for each other. Mr. Eko picked up on that, Ana Lucia did not.

Anyway, I could make an essay out of this topic, but I won’t. I am just going to give you the parts that just endeared my heart:

    1. Jin’s determination not leave Michael behind.
    When Michael ran away into the woods trying to locate Walt, Jin refused to go on with the rest of the entourage towards the Fusies campgrounds. Michael was his friend, and he was not going to leave him behind. What a change from the earlier episodes when Michael and Jin were practically arch enemies.
    2. Michael’s refusal to listen to Ana Lucia’s orders.
    When Sayed was tied to a tree, Ana Lucia wanted no contact among the Fusies and Sayed. Michael refused to listen. In fact, he even challenged Ana Lucia to shoot him. He was not going to let Sayed stay thirsty. Sayed was his friend. No one was going to let him die of thirst.
    3. The Greeting.
    This part was the best part ever. It was so emotional. It showed the love that the Fusies had for each other. It showed how much they cared for each other. How happy they were to see each other again: Welcome home, even if this is not the home that you were once used to. Welcome pal, it’s so good to see you again. So glad that you are alive.” It felt like a true family reunion.
    4. Jack and Ana Lucia meet again.
    This part was so sad. It showed Jack’s regret on seeing Ana Lucia as the murderer of one the Fusies. It showed Ana Lucia’s shame upon seeing the man she was so blatantly flirting with at the airport viewing her as a murderer. It showed how one slight bad judgment can change your life completely.

Collision had pathos, and I loved it for it.


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