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Benjamin Linus

Author: spicedogs_lost
Rating: PG
Summary: An attempt to envision Benjamin Linus’ parents and his first days on the island after his birth 
Disclaimer: Lost and all related characters was createdby JJ Abrams . This story is a nonprofit bit of fun, and no copyright infringements are intended.
Author's Note: This is my first attempt at fanfic. So please, be gentle.

She named her baby Benjamin. She didn’t want to give him a Finish first name. They were not in Finland anymore. She identified with the Biblical Rachel, the mother of the original Benjamin. Just like Rachel, Terhi felt that this little boy was the “son of her sorrows.” Just like Benjamin of the Bible, she felt sure that her baby, the first one to be born in the new land, would be the first to start a new tribe. 

Terhi was born in Helsinki, Finland. She was an exemplary student, got good grades, and it was logical that she would go on from college to graduate school. It was there that she met the love of her life: Miko Linus. He talked about traveling, exploring other worlds, other lands, other cultures. She bought into his dreams. She vowed to follow him everywhere. And follow him shed did. 

Right after their wedding day, she packed her bags and boarded the vessel that would take her and her new husband to the land of her nightmares. She didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t know that two years later she would be burying her husband. She didn’t know that six months after arriving she and Miko would be burying half of the expedition members and witnessing the other half run like the mad people they were into the jungle, never to be seen again. 

She held onto the small baby as he slept. He was no longer crying. He had no energy to cry. She herself had no energy to go on. But go on, she must. She had the baby to think about. Now that the father was dead, it was up to her to find sustenance. She wished she never had agreed to come to this Godforsaken island.
She saw the buildings. They were houses. Houses meant civilization. Civilization meant food. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The people who lived there all seemed healthy. She was afraid to approach them. She was afraid, but for the sake of the child she did. 

They nursed her as she contracted the disease. Luckily, they accepted Benjamin as one of their own. They were by her side when she drew last breath. She confidently let go of her life, because she knew that Benjamin would be in good hands. He would be loved, taken care of, and would grow up to be a fine human being. Or would he?

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