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My thoughts on "The Other Woman"

I don't have much to say. This particular season of LOST is so wonderful. However, I am so busy with work, my family (my granddaughter is due to be born soon), keeping up with the Michael Emerson Website, maintaining the Michael Emerson Fan Board, and so forth, that I find it difficult to sit down and write my thoughts on the show.

But, before the new episode airs, I want to say that I find it amazing that these people experience horrendous losses and are not much fazed by it. Take Sayid, for instance, it has been a few months since Shannon died, and the man hardly talks about her. How about Hurley? He certainly does not talk about Libby. All right, there was that small scene in the “The Beginning of the End” episode in which Hurley is in the cemetery talking to Libby.

My main concern is Claire and Juliet. Claire lost Charlie a few days ago. Sure it is almost a year for us. However, it’s been really a few days (2 or three days, if my calculations are correct). Claire is not weepy eyed; she doesn’t mention Charlie. In fact, Claire goes about her business as if nothing happened at all. Is that normal? Not in my book. I find that so strange.

Now, let’s explore Juliet. We know the following about her: (1) she is miserable on the island, (2) she hates Ben, and (3) she was in love with Goodwin (a married man). Juliet knew what it was like to be the scorned wife. Her late husband cheated on her. So, what does she do on the island? She cheats with a married man. Nice morals, Juliet. Then, when she scorns Ben’s affection, he has her lover killed and then maliciously tells her in front of her dead lover that he was responsible for Goodwin’s death. If it were me, I’d be crushed. Well, maybe Juliet was crushed. After all, she did ask Jack to kill him on the operating table. What amazed me, though, it’s that it’s been about 95 days since Goodwin died. So what does Juliet now do? Falls in love with Jack. Of course, forget about your broken heart. Time to move on to another lover. Honestly…


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