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Maybe if I rewatch this show, I'll like it, but for now, here are some random thoughts:

Will Ben live?

Will Sawyer live?

Will Kate run?

Ben likes Alex, but the Others hid her from him and vice and versa. Why?

Was Ben her father? Did Ben raise her after The Others stole her from Danielle?

Juliet is evil.

Picket is evil, but loyal to Ben.

Friendly Tom is loyal to Ben.

Locke is looking to the North, but North is off according to Sayid's compass. Is North where The Others are?

Jacob must be HIM.

In the Bible, Jacob was Benjamin's father.

Is Jacob HIM?

Ben brought Jack for his surgery. Jack was not on the list.

Who was on the list?

Sounds like they pick bad people and not good ones.

We know that Eko was one picked and now Kate and Sawyer seem to have been on the list. So they pick children and bad people?

Is Ben a good person, surrounded by bad people, after all?

Jack better fix Ben's kidney, or he better find another one to replace it.

Ben must not die. Ben must not die. Ben must not die.

This episode did not knock my socks off.

Tags: i do, lost-season 3, review
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