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11 November 2006 @ 05:41 pm
"I Do" Summary and Review  
 LOST, Episode 3.06, "I Do"

When I started posting in Live Journal, my ultimate goal was to post summaries of all the LOST episodes. My intention as to use them as a reminder in case I needed to go back to certain scenes. I did one for "Lockedown" and one for "Dave,” and then I stopped doing it because it takes so much time. I am going to try to restart doing the summaries, but I can't promise that I'll do it for all the episodes.

I did not like this episode at first. My problem was that it did not live up to the hype I heard all week about it. After watching it a few times over, I think I came out with a better understanding of what the story was trying to say to us. 

For clarification purposes, the red italic type denotes my thoughts. The rest are the summaries.

Kate says I do, but not for long

Even though, you get the feeling that the episode is very similar to “Born to Run,” you quickly find out that Kate is not running this time. She is getting ready to get married. She is getting married to a police officer. How did she pull that one off? I think we have another flashback about how Kate manages to go incognito for so long and fool a police officer (who we learn is assigned to fugitive recovery—how ironic). We learn also that Kate is now known as Monica.

Kate, as we learned in “Whatever the Case May Be,” does not stay married for long. She truly loves the guy. But by being a fugitive, Kate is compelled to run. She tries to make a deal with the marshal (with whom she is now on a first name basis). She wants him to stop chasing her. He promises to stop chasing her if she stays put.
Unfortunately for Kate, her husband tells her that after six months of marriage, they are finally going on their honeymoon to Costa Rica. Kate, or Monica, needs to get a passport: something that she will not able to produce. Once again, Kate needs to run, so, after finding out that she was not pregnant (a nod to the “Whole Truth” episode, where Kate teaches Sun how to use the pregnancy test and tells Sun that she, too, once used it), Kate sobs and decides to leave her husband. 

I don’t think that Kate was crying because she was happy that she was pregnant. I think that she cries because she was sad not to be pregnant. Pregnancy would keep her from running. She would have to stay. But in true Kate fashion, she drugs her husband just slightly, and she escapes.

Jack gets in control of the situation

Jack gets his strength back and is in total control. In one scene Jack, Julie, and Ben are in conference about Ben’s tumor and the procedure he would have to undergo to have it removed, Jack refuses to do the surgery. Jack makes the always-in-control Ben meek, mild, and vulnerable. 

I loved the line where Ben says, “Well Jack, I’m very disappointed in your decision,” and Jack responds with “Well, Ben, at least you won’t have to be disappointed for very long.” Brilliant comeback line!!!

Kate becomes a caring person

We see a different Kate in this season from the Kate we knew in Season 1. Here, Kate is actually watching out for her buddies. For example, when Pickett comes to the cages to get Kate to go to work, he doesn’t take Sawyer. Sawyer was given the day off from work. Kate fears that the Others are going to kill Sawyer, so she refuses to accompany Pickett without Sawyer. She claims that Sawyer and she are a team. She breaks rocks, Sawyer hauls them. Pickett’s line certainly let us know how Danny feels: “Lord knows, I wouldn’t want to break up the team.”

Yeah, we know what you want to do Danny Pickett: You have murder in your heart.

Meanwhile back at the jungle

We get to have a glimpse of some of our LOSTIEs: Locke, Sayid, Nikki, Paulo, and Desmond are around Mr. Eko’s lifeless body. They are planning to bury Eko right there to prevent the others at the beach the burden of mourning another loss. Nikki wants to know what killed Eko. Locke responds that probably and animal, a bear, killed him. 

What bothers me about this scene is that Locke decides to bury Mr. Eko right in the spot he was killed to spare the people at beach the heartache of seeing Eko dead. What’s up with that? How on earth is Locke going to hide this fact from everyone else? Who does Locke think he is by preventing the rest of the tribe the right to mourn the passing of Eko? I read in an article1 that Adewale will be returning to LOST and it may not be a flashback. WTF? Is Adewale regretting “his” decision to quit earlier this year? Or are the producers regretting for firing Adewale because of his arrest? The fans are certainly angry, and the producers are known to pay attention to what the fans say.


Sayid is back in form again. He no longer is the bumbling fool we saw in the Glass Ballerina. He is now aware of his surroundings. He quickly picks up on that Locke was lying when he said he was going back to the beach to get shovels to dig up Eko’s grave. Sayid informs Locke that he, too, will be going with him. After all the jungle is not a safe place to walk by oneself.

There is some interchange about what the smoke monster might be (which in my opinion is a way of informing newbies about what other LOST fans who have been watching since day one know)


We find out that Locke found his faith in the island. Locke is sure that Eko was killed for a reason. The reason, however, is not yet known.

Eko’s funeral

Eko’s burial was the most poignant burial so far. Locke’s eulogy was beautiful. I guess our friends have been with each other long enough now to know what to say at the gravesite. During the funeral, Locke notices that the writing on Eko’s Jesus stick has some significant writing. Locke takes it to be a sign of what to do next: “Lift up your eyes and look north.” 

Does that mean that Locke will find our friends in Alcatraz Island? Will they climb a mountain due north and see it? Or is the stick pointing to the Arctic where the Brazilian scientists are?  Interestingly, the screen capture shows that a hint was definitely there: the word “LOOK” looks like LOCK and directly underneath it, it says “John 3:O5.” John Lock, due North 305o? We shall se


Alex bolts in and with a sling; she single handedly manages to down some of the “thugs” who are watching over Kate and Sawyer. Pickett threatens Alex with his gun, but Alex knows that he won’t shoot her. Alex demands to see Ben, but she gets apprehended and, as she is taken away, she warns Kate not to believe them because they lie and will her boyfriend (Sawyer) just as her (Alex) boyfriend (Karl) was killed. I am not so sure that Karl is dead.

I loved this scene. I don’t think we have seen enough of Ales, yet. I’d love to see her back story. We learned here that Alex and Ben have a relationship going. Alex is able to get away with her shenanigans because Ben protects her. Is Ben her father figure? Her stepfather? We shall see. Gosh, I’d love to learn more about this character. She seems to be someone who could make some impact on the show (unlike Paulo and Nikki).


I finally saw some good acting come out Rodrigo Santoro (Paulo). I was moved by the way he was mourning Eko’s passing. He may know how to act after all. Unfortunately, he had no lines. I keep thinking that when this scene was filmed, Rodrigo was saying to himself, “When am I going to get off my contract. This is not doing much for my career.”

Paulo and Nikki

When are they going to make Paulo and Nikki worthy of being on the show? Or just kill them off, please. So far, Nikki’s lines seem to have one purpose: fill in the gaps for those who have not seen Season 1 and 2 episodes.

Jack and Kate

Juliet takes Kate to see Jack and asks Kate to persuade Jack to do the surgery. Juliet tells Kate that if Jack performs the surgery, Sawyer’s life will be spared. Jack and Kate communicate with each other through the aquarium walls. Jack asks if they hurt here. Kate starts spewing off the propaganda she was instructed to say to Jack: He must do the surgery or Sawyer will die. Jack ends the meeting. Ben who was observing the whole scene sees that once again his plans are failing. 

This whole scene was beautiful and tender. Both Evangeline and Matthew did a wonderful acting job. 

Kate likes Sawyer?

Kate tries to liberate Sawyer, but when he refuses to run and informs her that they are in another island. She asks him why he didn’t tell her earlier. He told her that he didn’t want to take away her hope. Kate is moved by Sawyer’s tenderness and she starts making love to Sawyer

Does she like Sawyer? Does she do it because at some point she was told to do so by Ben? 

Jack escapes the aquarium and gets shocked


Jack hears a woman's voice over the intercom in his cell, who directs him to open the door. Jack escapes and finds himself in Ben's observation room. He grabs a gun (why a gun and not one of the many rifles, I don’t know). Suddenly, Jack notices the multiple TV viewing screens and he sees Sawyer and Kate canoodle on one of screens. "If it helps, I was surprised too," Ben interrupted. Jack agrees to operate only if he is promised to get off the island. 

In my opinion, the whole scene was set up to make Jack aware that Kate loves Sawyer. Ben believes that if Jack sees that Kate loves Sawyer, he would forget his alliance to his friend and join The Others. Ben promises that he will let Jack off the island: Of course, we all know that Ben could send Jack right back to other island and still keep his promise.

Jack lies, Danny Pickett tries to kill, and the final moments

Jack promised Ben that he will operate on him and keep him alive. The next day, just before the surgery, Ben asks Jack if he is ever nervous before surgery. Jack says that he used to, but not anymore. Ben asks Juliet whether Alex asked about him. She said no, that she was taken home and no one knows where she is at the moment. 

Interesting nugget we got from Ben. He and Alex have some type of a relationship: lovers? Daughter–father? Stepdaughter–father? Did Danielle know him? She certainly seemed to know a lot about him in the “One of Them” episode. Juliet is beginning to show her scales, that snake, she told Ben that Alex did not ask about him. What a liar. What happened earlier on when Alex was shooting people with her sling? She was asking about Ben.

Ben sadly mentions that he is ready and says, “See you on the other side.” Jack begins the surgery as soon as Ben is anesthetized. Meanwhile, Danny Pickett decides that, as Ben is unconscious, this is the right time to kill Sawyer. As he is on his way to Sawyer, he drops the line, “Shepherd was not even on Jacob’s list. 

Who is Jacob? Is he “him”? How did he get a list? I believe that we will learn that Jacob is the one-eyed person we saw in “The Cost of Living” episode. Ethan died before he was able to make a list. Goodwin was on the other side of the island. So I think that Jacob was probably observing the Swan hatch and was able to make the list. For some reason the spinal doctor was not on the list. Ben must have added Jack on the list. Probably because Ben knew that he had a tumor on his spine, and as soon as he found out that there was a spinal surgeon among the survivors, he made his attempt to get him. Unfortunately, for him, he fell into one of Danielle’s trap. And the rest is LOST history.

Sometime during the surgery, Jack makes a small incision in Ben's kidney sac. He threatens them that Ben will be dead within an hour if he doesn’t stitch it back up. But to get him to stitch it up, he orders Tom Friendly to give him the walkie-talkie so that he could to talk to Kate.

At he cages, Kate was emotionally distressed. She is being held by a gun to her back by Pickett’s buddy, while Pickett is about to shoot Sawyer, execution style, in revenge for Colleen’s death. 

Why does Danny Pickett want Sawyer dead? Is it because of Colleen as he declares as he is pulling the trigger? But even before Colleen’s death, Danny wanted Sawyer’s life. He hated the LOSTIEs. Is it because Goodwin and Ethan died? Hopefully, we will find out one day.

We hear Tom Friendly calling Pickett over the walkie-talkie. Tom tells Pickett to give Kate the walkie-talkie. Pickett at first refuses. As Tom insists on it, Danny asks why, and Tom tells him in near tears, “Because if you don’t, the doctor will let Ben die.”
I noticed that, unlike Juliet, both Danny Pickett and Tom Friendly are definitely devoted to Ben. Why is Juliet against him? Is it because of Goodwin and Ethan? Was she related or in a relationship with one of them? If she were married or was the lover of Ethan, it is understandable why she would want to have Ben killed. Ben ordered Ethan to the fusies’s side and he was killed. Hopefully, we will find out during Juliet’s flashback, which will be the first episode after the long hiatus. From what I understand Ethan makes an appearance in that flashback. Interesting.
Another point to ponder is Tom’s emotional outburst when he heard that Ben may die. I read that the producers are intending to introduce a gay couple. Tom already told Kate that he was not interested in her type. Hmmm. Is he gay? Is Ben his lover? Wow. Ben better not die. I’d love to see his back story. I also read that there will be a love interest for Ben.

Back at the cages, an emotional Kate looks on when Pickett's walkie-talkie buzzes. Jack demands to they hand the walkie-talkie over to Kate and says, "Kate, you have about an hour head start before they come after you.” He asks her whether she remembers the story he told her when they first met and she was stitching him up. She says yes. He tells her to leave. But Kate is hesitant. She doesn’t want to leave without Jack. Jack yells, “If I don't get a call from you in the next hour, I'm gonna know something went wrong and (Ben) dies!"
Kate is till hesitant. And Jack yells, “Kate, damn it, run.” 

The LOST logo is seen.

The end.
We are left wondering, “Will Ben die? Will Sawyer die?”
And we have to wait 3 months to find out.
This story had my heart racing, especially at the end. 
LOST writers, you rock.


1    11/08 - Cuse and Lindelof revealed:
1.       We have a very clear plan for this season, and I don't think we'll get back to Michael and Walt's story this season. Harold Perrineau's story is not finished. He is not on the show currently, but I think everybody is very curious to know what happened to Michael and Walt, and we hope to get back to that story. That character is still out there in the Lost universe.
2.       I think there are some upcoming episodes — after the break in the spring — that will answer a number of the open questions.
3.       We certainly plan to tell the audience this year how Locke got in the wheelchair.
4.       We'll be getting a lot more detailed about what happened to Locke, Eko and Desmond following the immediate aftermath of the hatch exploding, imploding or potentially doing something else.
5.       We're doing a flashback story where you'll find out how Jack got his tattoos.
6.       And we'll begin peeling back layers of who the Others are, how long they've been on the island, what their origins are. That's really the sort of uber-plot of Season 3.
7.       "What's the nature of this island? Where is this island?" The overarching mysteries of Lost remain unanswered. But those questions have to remain unanswered until the show ends.
8.       [Eko might be back and it] might not necessarily be a flashback episode. [What happened immediately after the hatch exploded] might be a flashback, but we're not going to tell you how that information gets relayed.
9.       That island isn't necessarily where [the Others] live. It's not necessarily the same place where we saw those guys in the beginning of the teaser of the season premiere this year. I think that would be a very reasonable explanation as to how Goodwin and Ethan could run from the Others' home camp to the crash site [in about one hour.
10.    The guy with the eye patch is going to figure prominently this season.] The fact that the island may have been seen [by the outside world] is pretty much the entire story arc of the second half of the year.
11.    There are two bombs being dropped [during the second half of the season], one of which is a character bomb, and that will happen within the first three episodes after the break. And the other is a more significant story bomb, a game-changer, as it were, and that will happen shortly after.

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jade_melodyjade_melody on November 12th, 2006 02:09 am (UTC)
Very insightful :)
Angel: Nathan and Kateangelcure on November 13th, 2006 02:05 am (UTC)

Very nice review! I agree that Kate was sad not to be pregnant, because pregnancy would be an excuse not to go to Costa Rica.

I wonder if 'look north' means to point the direction of the Alcatraz Island...

Rodrigo is a great actor. He really IS good... unforutnatelly, the directors of Lost haven't given him an opportunity to show his talent yet.

Jack and Ben were again amazing, and I believe that, as you said, the whole voice on the intercom and unlocked door was a set up for Jack to see the Skate scene. But our doctor was smarter than that!

I want to know why Pickett wants do kill Sawyer so badly. Good point about Mr. Friendly's concern for Ben. Is Tom in love?

Can't wait until February!
Brett Yo!: Crash dayoceanicair815 on November 24th, 2006 01:48 am (UTC)
This is very detailed and just... goodness.
I love the way you put pics and your own thoughts into the mix.
And yes, I agree on the Alex bit. MORE ALEX! Lol.