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Miscellaneous Garrison Keillor Thoughts

So, I think that I am asking for trouble:

I just posted an incendiary comment to this blog entry that in reply to my previous posting of Garrison Keillor's article about Memorial Day:

The Fool Speaks

by Emmett R Smith

IN His latest column syndicated to the Mankato Free Press, Mr Garrison Keillor wrote about the wounds of a US Army soldier in Iraq, words not quoted by me here as they were simply sadistic description and made doubly vicious because voyeuristic, which is the essence of the impermissible.

MR Keillor then went on in descending tones to write, “Your heart goes out to the brave young man. And what choice does he have other than to be brave? It’s either that or the life of a potato. But who did this to him?”

WELL, Apart from Mr Cheney and the other nationalistic American children of a lesser God, if I am not mistaken the answer to that question is that it is Mr Keillor, who today wrote brutally and graphically of the young soldier’s actual wounds

NOW I was not in the military, I simply didn’t have to be in order to learn about “Yes, Sir!” and “No, Sir!” and putting paint on things, and that’s all there is (objectively) to the value in ANY of that — it just wasn’t a necessary part of my fate.

MR Keillor has had a similar good deal from life, and it behooves people like us above all just not to get too far above ourselves:

ONLY Somebody who has been in battle for all of the nonsense reasons you can name — and, they are all nonsense, no one but a God-damned fool or a male striving at manhood with an overactive “inner woman” will foolishly even dare to say I am “wrong” in any of this, in any respect – has any right whatsoever to write publicly and so bitterly, realistically, about the suffering of a comrade.

IT Follows logically therefore that anyone else who dares to do is just plain out of line, they are a peering, prying pornographic outsider, literature and “literary effect” is no excuse, case closed.

I Enjoy Mr Keillor no end and he, although born in 1942, indeed speaks for lots of us misspent ”baby boomers.” But every so often something like this comes along in our public rounds of name-calling that reveals the utter fatuity and pointlessness of an entire nitwit generation, and this is just the latest installment on top of “President” Bush — who after all is ours in just the same way Mr Garrison Keillor is “our” comedian.

Source: Bodwyn

Here's my reply:

Edith S Baker Mr. Smith, I ask you this: Why call a man who brings to light the horrors of war and and shows us how little we do for those who fight our wars, especially a war that was uncalled for a fool?
The fool is the person who refuses to see what the actual result of wars are all about. You may need to be enlightened about those horrors. Then, perhaps, you will not be seating at home watching TV or doing whatever you do to relax without actually worrying what we have done to others when we entered this horrible uncalled for war. Moreover, it would make one think twice about keeping these name-calling, war criminals in the White House.

Source: Bodwyn

Oh, well. I feel strongly about the subject, and I can't shut my mouth.

On lighter note, I found an article from the Lanesboro Republican-Leader Newspper, wherein they discussed their fiscal year:

2007 audit

Jason Boynton, CPA, assisted by Darcie Abbott of Smith Schafer, presented the results of the 2007 audit. There were no surprises; Vickerman stated that it was a good audit, the staff was professional, and the city's staff was more comfortable this year with the process. The audit was approved by the council.

Vickerman, in a later memo, clarified the monies in the Buffalo Bill Days (BBD) account. From the auditor's report, it appeared that Buffalo Bill Days had 2007 revenues of $96,433, expenditures of $87,714, and had transferred $10,000 to the Park and Rec Fund.

These totals actually included revenue and expenses from the Garrison Keillor and Rushford Fundraising events, and the $10,000 transferred to the Park and Rec Fund was the insurance funds from rain insurance for the Garrison Keillor event.

SOURCE: The Republican-Leader

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