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Xolo: A Wonderful Breed—Dog

I don't think that my flist is surprised to know that I love dogs.

I just read about a breed of dogs that I have I have know of their existence but not their name: Xolo (the Mexican hairless dog).  Some of them may be really ugly:

Just a Slightly Ugly Dog
The Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

Some are OK looking:

But, I just read that they are wonderful medicinal dogs. They have the ability to exude extraordinary body heat and many are used as heat therapy dogs for people suffering with chronic pain.  Don't believe me? Just read this article I found in my latests issue of AKC Family Dog, May/June 2008:

Apparently, they are very intelligent as well. So goes to show you, even in the dog world, beauty is only skin deep.

Want to learn more about the breed? Here's a good link: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/xoloitzcuintle.htm

(Click on the pictures and graphics to enlarge them.)

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