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Ready? OK!--Bad Criticism: Someone Didn't Like the Movie

I can't beleive it. Someone actually gave a bad review. Usually, I am not shocked at that, because taste is taste.  But it is a bit uncanny, since this movie has been so widely accepted everywhere. Of course, the author seemed to have disliked most, if not all the movies in the Outfest.

I won't bore you with all the other reviews, you can click on the source link to see them. Here's what he wrote about Ready? OK!

Ready? OK! Filling the slot in Outfest’s traditional Young Gay Coming of Age Film category is director James Vasquez’s cheerful but utterly generic comedy about a young lad who dreams not of being on the school football team but of becoming a cheerleader. And why not? He is a peppy young lad who knows his batons from his pom- poms. Eventually, horrified and disgusted mom (prissy Carrie Preston, extra starch) comes to grips with her son’s choices, assisted by a kindly gay neighbor (Michael Emerson). The film’s moral lessons are essentially undermined by the stock characters and creaky sitcom atmosphere – and it doesn’t help that the neighbor is unintentionally far creepier than he needs to be. Except for Tara Karsian, as the boy’s narrow-minded school principal, this is a humdrum effort. (PB) (Fri., 7 p.m., Fairfax; also Sat., July 19, 11:30 a.m., Fairfax)

SOURCE:   LAcitybeat.com


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