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My Drabble

A few weeks ago, I was on our subway system and witnessed a pretty woman crying in the seat opposite mine. She was very discrete about it. However, I am an observant person (I used to focus on people to define different characters to use when I was acting), and caught her discretely wiping her eyes and then putting her sunglasses on. I started thinking about what may have caused her to cry and came up with this drabble:

She sat on an empty seat on the train. There weren’t many around. But she got lucky, she had the seat nearest to the window and no one sat next to her. She removed her sunglasses and put it inside her purse. It was a beautiful sunny day, but the cool, air-conditioned train was running underground. There was no need for the sunglasses. Her cell beeped to tell her a new text message arrived. She read it and tears started flowing. Her sunglasses went back on her face. She wished she hadn’t read the message: “I don’t love you anymore.”

(Comments are appreciated.)


Tags: drabble, fiction
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