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Couldn't hold my tongue....

I was disturbed about GK's recent column about the state fair. I think that Pig Lover Anonymous should uprise and picket outside his home. (OMG, am I asking for trouble or not?) I am really upset about his treatment of pigs. Not so much the eating of pork, but the suggestion of whacking a pig. So, i went to salon.com and posted this comment on his column:

GK, do you whack your children? Why would you whack a pig? If you are around your animals and know how to handle them, kind gestures and training go much farther than violence. In fact, llamas that are not very well trained are nasty animals that hiss and spit. I believe that Democrats want to view themselves as kind and not violent people. I am a proud Democrat, and I believe that you view yourself as proud Democrat, too. Then why view violence as a means of obedience?

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