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Letter Meme: Let the War Begin

So I was mean to katje0711  and gave her the letter X. Karma backfired and katje0711  gave me X back with the provision that I could not use the same words:

1.   X-axis

2.   X-linked

3.   Xanax (an antianxiety agent)

4.  Xanthamide (An amido derivative of xanthic acid obtained as a white crystalline substance)

5.   Xanthous (similar in color to egg yolk)

6.   Xanthium (coarse herb)

7.   Xanthogen (The hypothetical radical supposed to be characteristic of xanthic acid.)

8.   Xanthine (crystalline oxidation product of the metabolism of nucleoproteins; precursor of uric acid; found in many organs and in urine)

9.   Xanthosis (an abnormal yellow discoloration of the skin)

10 . Xenophobia (fear of foreigners)

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