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OMG, Tomorrow Is Thursday

Tomorrow is Thursday and The Office is back on. I can hardly wait.  So here's my TV watching schedule:

Monday : Two and a half men. (I watched this week's 6th season pilot. Hilarious. The show is still funny.)

Free to do whatever (I probably will watch one of the shows that I recorded.)

Wednesday: Pushing Daisies.

Thursday:  My Name Is Earl, The Office, and recording Grey's Anatomy. I will only watch the episodes that Bernadette Peters is in. I hope that they don't make her a regular. I really don't like GA anymore.

Friday: Wife Swap, Supper Nanny, and 20/20 (I will watch those only if I don't have anything better things to do.)

Saturday: Free to do whatever.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives.

Shows that I record and watch at my leisure: Real Time with Bill Mahr.

Of course, Lost will be in the lineup when it comes back on the air in February and I hope that Samantha Who? will be on the air soon. (I hope that Christina Applegate's illness won't prevent the show from airing.)

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