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  • 07:32 Good morning. I'm off to work. Still a bit groggy. #
  • 12:52 Happy Birthday, @Peeler #
  • 12:55 @patrickemerson Thank you for voting. He needs all our help. #
  • 12:56 We had a fire drill at work. At least, the weather was nice. #
  • 12:58 Arghhh.... Left Kindle at either home or the car. Have to survive lunch without reading. Strange, since I read all day at work. Work stuff. #
  • 13:17 Going to lunch. #
  • 16:55 @GSPN Congratulations. This is so awesome. I love the way the sun shines on you. #
  • 16:56 @KimAtGoWithABC Awesome. That's a great milestone. #
  • 16:56 @tiwwh You had to remind me of chocolate. Now I wants me some. #
  • 17:13 @LensBaby OMG, it does say that. I may not support him, but I don't condone this type of language. #
  • 17:42 Stomach called out for chocolate. Common sense offered sugar-free jello and all natural apple sauce. Stomach accepted offer. #
  • 18:07 @Joe_90 Hope girls is to be able to go back to her station. #
  • 18:29 Taking the very last train home. #
  • 18:34 @Joe_90 That's good. I once awoke past my stop. Had to get hubby to pick me up. There was not way of getting home otherwise. #
  • 18:35 @txvoodoo So happy to see you online. #
  • 18:36 Going home. Hope Kindle is in the car. I so missed it today. #
  • 20:09 Found Kindle in the car. Happiness. #
  • 20:14 @txvoodoo Glad that you are feeling better. #
  • 20:31 @txvoodoo Thanks for the links. #
  • 23:42 Going to bed. Good night. #

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