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TVGuide's Best TV Shows of 2006

The following shows that I watch made TVGUIDE's Best TV Shows of 2006:


 "Save the cheerleader, save the world." That catchy tagline helped this new superhero series skyrocket into the popular culture. But the snappy phrase isn't what keeps millions of viewers watching each week — it's the great story about ordinary people who have discovered that they have strange abilities. From the politician who can fly and the aforementioned cheerleader who is indestructible to the adorable Hiro who can manipulate time, these stories seem to offer an endlessly fascinating fount of interconnected characters who cope with either keeping their power a secret or using it for good or their own personal gain. While the cliff-hanger endings always leave fans with as many questions as answers, the fast-paced style is appealing and easy to catch on to, whether a newcomer or a dedicated fan.

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy

Seattle may be known for its damp and dreary weather, but inside Seattle Grace Hospital things are definitely hot. With doctors the likes of McDreamy, Burke, McSteamy and Addison running around the operating room, all of a sudden getting sick doesn't seem so bad. The skilled surgeons even cut right through the überpopular CSI with their move to a high-stakes Thursday-night time slot. Many still watch the steady procedural, but this medical drama's focus on interpersonal relationships is more addictive and definitely more fun to watch. Plus, it can pack an emotional wallup when you least expect it: The death of the beloved Denny, the breakdown of the chief's marriage, or the clash of egos between Burke and Cristina. It is a rollicking, sweet, sexy and sublime ride.

The Office
The Office

This comedy managed to surprise fans by taking a sweet turn in its season finale with a highly anticipated kiss between flirty coworkers Jim and Pam. But thankfully, while that moment was swoon-worthy, the show hasn't forgotten that it isn't all about the office romances. It is all about the funny, though with a great balance of inappropriate comments from Michael, bizarre facts from Dwight and an influx of new blood from the recently defunct Stamford branch, The Office is more entertaining than ever. This fall alone has been filled with instantly quotable lines and uncomfortable moments like no other comedy on TV. Even Office mastermind Ricky Gervais graced the show with his behind-the-scenes presence by penning a witty episode about a convicted felon at the Scranton branch. It was wickedly wonderful, and so is this show in general.


Admittedly, the first six episodes that aired this fall were too filled with torture and were not Lost at its best. But that doesn't discount last spring's revelation that Penny Widmore is in the real world and actively searching for Desmond. And there were a few other shocking moments, like seeing the suburban neighborhood that the Others live in, discovering that there is a second island, and watching Michael shoot Ana Lucia and Libby. Lost does twists and turns better than almost any other show on TV. Fans may quibble at the lack of information and answers, but trying to decipher the clues and figure out what the heck is going on is half the fun. Plus, Elizabeth Mitchell (as the lovely and mysterious Juliet) and Michael Emerson (as the spine-tinglingly creepy Henry/Ben) have been welcome additions.

Honorable Mention:


This show can always be counted on to tickle some funny bones with its madcap insanity set in a hospital—and having three of the lead doctors expecting children hasn't been a curse, it's been a giggle-filled blessing.

Unfortunately, other shows that I watch, which I think should have, at least, made the "Honorable Mention" category, are not even cited, such as Jericho (which I find I riveting) and Desperate Housewives (which I find extremely funny). However, I didn't expect the other shows that I watch, such as Two and a half men, Boston Legal, My Name Is Earl, and Reba, to make any categories.

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