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Spicedog's Daily Tweets

07:01 Starting off early. Stupid train is 25 minutes late. #

07:03 Wish I could join @GSPN live marathon. But my schedule won't allow it. #

15:46 Going home. May you all have a happy and prosperous new year! #

15:50 @patrickemerson Congratulations on the new job. Is it still computer related? #

15:51 @miss_primavera Snoring rabbits. How cute! #

15:52 @miss_primavera Sounds like an ideal evening, #

15:55 @ChefMark Glad that everyone is OK, especially Stiva. Cars can be replaced. Give Stivs an extra hug. #

16:03 @ffluvssg1 I was going to see Marley & Me tonight. Going to spend time with daughter, sil, & granddaughter, instead. Maybe we'll go 2morrow. #

16:05 @amandaleigh So sorry that your mom had these accidents. #

16:07 @RadioDaniel are you sure about the extra second? I never heard of it. #

16:12 @kilinahe twitpic.com/yc6d - Wow. And to think that we almost moved to Hilo. #

16:14 @miss_sophia Curious about your comment to@miss_primavera about the owl. #

16:17 @miss_sophia I doubt that I'd get an owl. They cannot be I'm cages. Too fragile. Harry Potter is an owl abuser. #

16:18 @miss_sophia LOL at CL. #

16:19 @RadioDaniel Apple vs. Zune commercials. That would awesome. #

16:22 @Sims2 self-growth: Improving photography tecniques and better time management. Last one won't be achieved. It hasn't yet. #

16:23 @miss_primavera I agree about owl fandom. #

16:24 @bardsong Awwww, so sorry that you are not feeling well. #

16:26 @RadioDaniel Maybe you should change your ID to @retwitter. LOL #

16:36 @JohnCleese Wishing you a wonderful year sans public flatulance. Or enough people around you to blame it on. #

16:42 @GSPN Wish I could be there at your marathon. I'm there in spirit. You and your family are made of awesome. Wish you a great new year. #

16:44 @RadioDaniel Thanks for the link. #

16:47 @miss_sophia I learned that owls should never be in a cage, ever. They are fragile and sensitve. #

17:08 @kilinahe twitpic.com/ydry - Awesome! #

17:09 @miss_primavera Pretty! #

17:12 @miss_sophia I think I warned you about teething. The first two teeth are murder on the parents and children. #

22:42 @fulltimemom twitpic.com/yhig - Awwwwwe. This is so sweeeeeet! #

22:44 @kilinahe twitpic.com/yho8 - Did it really snow? Or are you pulling our legs. #

00:44 @cackleberry {HUGS} Hope you will feel better soon. #

00:53 @kilinahe Wow. Hawaii is amazing. #

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