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LOST Makes TV Guide's Top 43 New and Returning Shows List

LOST Makes TV Guide's Top 43 New and Returning Shows List. Why 43? I have no clue:

Last we saw the Lost boys and girls, all hell had broken loose: Jack had witnessed Kate and Sawyer acting on their caged passion, then cut Ben open, only to demand that Kate run! from the Others or he'd let Ben die. Fans frustrated by the lack of answers in that November finale should be heartened by what's coming up when the ABC drama returns for an uninterripted run of 16 episodes. Early on, seemingly psychic Desmond, huggable Hurley, and mama Claire will all get some flashback love. The first episode, however, belongs to the Other-worldly Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and may reveal why she asked Jack (Matthew Fox) to off creepy Ben. "She's doing what she thinks is best," Mitchell says. Uh-huh. Give us more. "Juliet is quietly deadly, and that's fascinating to me. I don't look like a deadly person. I look like the kind of girl you'd let hold your baby." And now that Jack's witnessed Kate's jungle lovin', odds are good he'll turn to Juliet for comfort. We might find out when Jack's flashback episode airs soon after the show returns. Confesses Mitchell, "Matthew is beautiful. He gives me these looks sometimes where I'm like, 'Wow, it's getting really warm in here!' " 

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