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Spicedog's Daily Tweets

07:38 It's raining, and I'm off to work. #

11:59 @scoopie77 So far, I've been very successful a being spoiler free. Yeah. #

12:01 @GSPN {{HUGS}} Hang in there. #

12:02 Please help The Campaign to End Malnutrition become 1 of the "Top 10 Ideas for Change" to be presented to Barack Obama: bit.ly/s2QRK #

12:04 @EvilChefMark You have more than 5 followers. Liar pants on fire. #

12:04 @ChefMark Great new avi. #

13:39 @ChefMark Thanks. She's my first granddaughter. We call the photo "Bitch in Training." She certainly looks bithchy there. LOL #

13:42 @EvilChefMark Glad to know you are NOT that evil. #

14:22 RT @twitter Delivery delays tinyurl.com/7bxk9y #

14:46 @theJoshMeister The entire ITune's DRM catalog is going to be free? What's the catch? #

16:55 @kaiterskates That's certainly good news. Is the pay higher? #

16:55 @theJoshMeister So will they be MP3s and not DRMs? #

23:30 Brie is home from ICU. LJ is giving me headaches. I am not so happy with insanejournal. I am going to sleep. Good night. #

00:06 @EvilChefMark You are so correct about fear. It's a great Bush policy: stress fear, & then there's proof that govt kept us safe. #

00:17 @kaiterskates twitpic.com/10d1x - That's a sweet picture. #

00:22 @RadioDaniel I follow @barrackobama and I get no spam. #

00:26 @txvoodoo I think that you are right about LJ. Thanks. {{HUGS}} #

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