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07:26 @greyrider As I've been saying, don't bother with T stuff. It's for teenagers (the one & only love theme not my favorite), filled (cont) #

07:29 @greyrider (cont) with themes for abstinence. It's badly written to boot. You will fill the need to use your red pencil as you read it. #

07:34 @BlogWellDone I admire you. Taxes are necessary. Don't know why born-again people are against it. It's a form of thithing--helping the poor. #

08:04 Mom called at 3 am. Asked me to bring food for her. She claimed not to have been fed for over 24 hrs. Hope it's not dementia, just confusion #

08:15 @polvodestrella Looking for your car keys at the red light was a winner. ☺ #

11:26 twitpic.com/12gys - My breakfast: eggbeater omelette, with mushroom, onion, and tomatoes. #

11:28 @greyrider Designated areas is not what a Graffiti artist wants. The idea is to shock you, not amaze you. #

11:30 @miss_primavera Oh, I can imagine how hard that task is with a rabbit. {{HUGS}} #

11:40 @deadgirlchuck My big question is as follows: Why can't ABC follow the way NBC did? The Office was shaky at first. Look at it now. #

11:40 @AlisonL Wow. Hope that you will feel better soon. Being run over by a truck in the dead of night, while sleeping, is awful. #

11:41 @EternalCow Awww. So happy for you. One day, you will have post his picture for us. He is my hero. Love working and guide dogs. #

11:42 @stephsmith I love your new pix. Is that you? #

11:44 @matthewebel Will you rerun it for those of us who can't make the 6 pm deadline? I have to be at the hospital with mom. No computer. #

11:45 @cyberpr Give us the link to vote. #

11:51 People will be angry with me, but I don't think the president should say "so help me God." We have separation of church and state. #

12:00 RT @abcinnercircle, Cancellation? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. #pushingdaisies #

12:02 @jaffy I never watched 24. Isn't it too violent? #

12:03 @stephsmith Not much change, except makeup and hairdo. #

13:35 @RadioDaniel I believe the concept of God is something personal. It should not creep up in our daily and political living. #

13:35 @matthewebel Cool. I shall watch them at my leisure then. #

14:19 @stephsmith We were all skinnier in our teen years. #

14:20 @jaffy Life tortures me enough. I will be offended. That's what I couldn't stand about Prison Break. #

14:24 Just had a gross yogurt flavor: Boston Cream Pie. There's so much vanilla flavoring that it tastes like alcohol. Yuck. Out to the garbage #

14:36 @ffluvssg1 What happened in A Beautiful Mind? #

15:05 @ffluvssg1 He didn't love his wife? Or she didn't love him as deeply as the movie portrayed? Or am I missing the whole thing? #

15:06 @ffluvssg1 How can one portray mental illness, especially schizophrenia, in the movies? #

15:17 @matthewebel LOL about Santa comment. #

15:20 @anneso87 Oh, I'm not arguing against the movie's portrayal of his mental illness. @ffluvssg1 is. I'm saying it's hard to portray it. #

15:22 @anneso87 @ffluvssg1 And the movie would be boring. #

16:27 @ffluvssg1 LOL Make sure that your RL wife is happy with your pick. #

16:54 @TIWWH Here's one: "do you know the way to San Jose?" #

18:32 @Joe_90 I'd rather my taxes go to health care and other social services. #

19:42 @egoddess twitpic.com/12lgd - That's my dream office. #

19:48 @EGoddess Rats, I'd buy it. Just don't have the room. #

21:24 @viegas So sorry for your loss. #

21:27 @greyrider Yay. A greyrider post on LJ. The prodigal LJ'er returns. #

23:33 Good night #

23:52 @miss_primavera Huge hugs for you and Momo. #

23:58 @boheme06 Curious to what podcasts you listen to. #

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