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Jumping up and down with joy. It worked!

My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

12:21 @AlisonL Dinner sounds yummy. #

12:22 @Colleen84 Your iPod reformatted itself. Time to visit the Genius Bar. #

12:23 @xforce11 @CharlesWidmore I believe that Mr. Friendly claimed the island, too. #

13:05 @nlcast I thought that it only me having synch problems with iTunes. #

13:05 @AlisonL I know. He is a great chef. #

13:21 @anneso87 Do you wantt to go into ministry? #

13:39 @anneso87 Actua;lly it's lives and not lifes. You can have 2 lifes (a secret and a public), but many people have lives. #

13:53 @anneso87 I take it back. I must have been on Mars when I wrote that. It's lives. The plural of life is lives. I apologize for my faux pas. #

13:57 I just joined the LiveJournal Users Twitter Group tgr.me/g/livejournal so stop by and see us. #livejournal #

14:55 @Colleen84 I had that happen to me. My iTunes assumed that nothing on iPod was bought and erased it. The iPod had a faulty drive. (cont). #

14:58 @Colleen84 (cont). I went to the Genius Bar, and as my iPod was under warranty, I got a brand new one. #

14:59 @Colleen84 Unfortunately, no warranty for you. Time for a new one. #

15:26 @greyrider @BrentSpiner Yes, but if he doesn't follow anyone, then he doesn't get updates from anyone without the @BrentSpiner tag. #

15:28 @greyrider Are you actually instructing someone to look on LJ? You are never there. (Well, hardly ever.) LOL #

15:59 @Sims2 I (heart) this chocolate croissant that I am eating right now. #

16:03 @GSPN What do you use for your Tweeting needs and posts? #

16:04 @miss_primavera I am not sure of that. There are products that allow the @replies to be seen even if it's in the middle of a Tweet. #

16:34 @johnnorton My draft of Podcast Overload: i93.photobucket.com/albums/l58/esbaker/LJ/podcast.png #

16:35 @FTMSarah {{HUGS}} It's so hard to send our loved pets to eternal peace. #

16:38 @anneso87 Enjoy the episode. It's a good one. #

16:39 Had miso soup for a snack. I love miso soup. #

16:47 @JMascarenas It did hit the spot. It was so good! #

16:48 Soon leaving work. I am so tired. Didn't sleep well last night. #

16:51 @JMascarenas I should have a miso party. #

16:52 Work is officially over. Onto the commuter train and then visit mom at the rehab center. Phew. I can hardly wait for her to come home. #

18:12 @radiodaniel twitpic.com/17gms - I so would love to own one of these. #

18:18 @Vozzek_69 I love your LOST insights. #

23:50 @txvoodoo Made appt with GI dr. Don't know what's the matter with me. Threw up water tonight. It was awful. #

23:50 @scoopie77 Jay and Jack have a lot to say bc Jack is always interrupting. But I love them. #

00:09 Bedtime #

07:19 Good morning. Woke up to snow. #

07:27 @Sims2 Are you allergic to perfumes? I am. It's a tough allergy, as most people love to douse themselves with it. #

09:49 I fixed my LoudTwitter settings. We'll see tonight whether it works they way I want it to work. #

09:52 @nevrothwen Hope your stomach is feeling better. I hate GI issues. #

09:52 @kaiterskates Maybe I missed your earlier tweet. What book are you reading? #

09:53 @SantaClaus Is it cold up in the North Pole right now? #

09:56 Sitting in front of my computer and wishing that I had bought a FullTimeMom mug. #

10:00 @nevrothwen Just the top ones? I remember having braces. When they were removed, the retainers came on. You use it for a lifetime. Not bad. #

10:03 @anneso87 twitpic.com/17scn - It's nice to have great siblings. #

10:05 @anneso87 Oh, the wait would kill me. #

10:06 RT @ChefMark Culinary Media Network Recipe: Lavender and Honey Marinade for Roast Chicken (& other meats): bit.ly/1s1xik #

10:07 @eachnotesecure twitpic.com/17sae - Nice accumulation #

10:08 @anneso87 twitpic.com/17sbl - Wish I could read German. #

10:09 @anneso87 twitpic.com/17sii - I have a chair like that. It's extremely comfy. Enjoy. #

10:10 @ffluvssg1 How many children do you have? #

10:11 @ChefMark Pardon my stupidity, but what is roasted fennel? Isn't fennel a spice? #

10:12 @ilea02 Argh. Driving through the beltway is horrible and with snow, it is a nightmare. Don't envy you. #

10:25 @Lirpa0711Sounds like a horrible schedule. #

10:30 @GSPN Work blocked the link you gave me. #

10:32 @mommymadonna OMG, that's not good at all. Hope all will go well. Few people know that abscesses from teeth can travel down to the heart. #

10:33 @ChefMark Thanks for clarifying it. Gotta try your recipe. I haven't cooked for 6 years now. Ever since my mom moved in with us. #

10:34 @Lirpa0711 Not much sleep time, though. #

10:35 @havenward LOL. Aciphex is a good med. I love your explanation of what you hear. #

11:00 @Lirpa0711 OK, my original post was about the fact that you had to go somewhere at 11. LOL #

11:13 @ffluvssg1 Wow. They are 8 yrs apart. That's like single children sharing parental unit. Hubby was 6 yrs apart with sis # 1 & 13 w/sis #2. #

11:16 @anneso87 LOL. I don't speak German. Should have asked hubby he does. Btw our family members we speak 12 or more diff languages. #

11:17 @scoopie77 What???? Leaving the house with wet hair is not the norm? #

11:19 @GSPN Work blocked your link, but iPhone opened it. Yay for iPhone and 3G tech. I bought my mug. Now patiently waiting. #

11:23 @anneso87 Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian,

German, Russian, Hebrew, Mandarin, Cambodian, Korean, Arabic, Urdu. #

11:24 @nevrothwen I have reflux and microscopic colitis. #

11:25 @anneso87 I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, Hungarian, and a bit of Italian. #

11:26 @nevrothwen I have IBD. Don't know which is worse. IBS or IBD. They both are terrible to live with. #

11:28 @nevrothwen If I had stayed in Norway, I could have added that to my repertoire. #

11:30 @anneso87 Oops, I forgot French. Hubby and my daughter speak it. And Latin for my son. So we have, so far, 14 languages among us. #

11:32 There some cake in our coffee room. My body is sending me to check it out. My mind is telling me not to listen. I'm in conflict of interest. #

11:33 @anneso87 My parents are Hungarian. I was born in Norway and lived in Brazil. Hubby's hobby is languages. We are not your typical Americans. #

11:33 @anneso87 Greek is something we don't know. Although hubby knows a bit about it bc of his hobby. #

11:39 @anneso87 Hubby thanks you. Daughter speaks the Eastern-Asian languages and son speaks the Middle-Eastern languages, btw. #

11:40 OK, cake is now in the mouth and going down the esophagus. Mind lost the game. #

11:45 @anneso87 Sure, the more, the merrier. We are also very unusual in America, bc we do things tg a lot, and 92-yr-old mom lives w/us. #

11:46 @anneso87 (cont) Also, my mother-in-law lived with us with my mom before she died. #

11:48 No more whale when Twitter is down. Here's the new graphic: tinyurl.com/bzwapo #

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