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Spicedog's Daily Tweets

My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

08:05 On the commuter train. Wish I could be home. Dying to rewatch Lost. #

10:14 At meetings practically the whole day. #

19:18 If I unfollowed u a couple of hrs ago, pls let me know. It was a mistake. My granddaughter was playing w/my iphone. Pls RT. #

20:05 @WritingSpirit Delete your picture first, even though it looks like you have no picture uploaded. Then you can upload a new picture. #

20:34 @RadioDaniel It was a mistake. I like you. Never crossed my mind to unfollow you. My granddaughter was playing with my iphone. #

20:35 @txvoodoo Yes, we are still friends. Btw, we are diverticulitis buddies. #

21:41 @viegas Thanks. I refollowed you. Never let a 10-month old to play with your phone. LOL #

21:42 @txvoodoo I don't know. I am going for a scat scan. #

21:58 I looked at all my followers list and refollowed those I absolutely knew I followed before and I was no longer following. #

23:46 @txvoodoo Thanks. Doctor thinks I went over the crisis. Wants to see the results of the catscan first. #

23:47 @RadioDaniel I don't unfollow people unless they are spammers or very nasty. You are nice. We may differences, but that's the spice of life #

23:49 Bedtime. Good night. #

00:26 @WritingSpirit I think that I remember your icon. Was it not yellow, and your name was in script? #

00:29 @RadioDaniel Me, too. I used to love to listen to Darlton rambling on. They were so funny. #

00:31 @CMSawyer Yes, I agree with you: Accept your baldness. Women don't mind it. Combovers are stupid. #

00:32 Good night. This time it's.... real! #

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