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My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

00:26 @WritingSpirit I think that I remember your icon. Was it not yellow, and your name was in script? #

00:29 @RadioDaniel Me, too. I used to love to listen to Darlton rambling on. They were so funny. #

00:31 @CMSawyer Yes, I agree with you: Accept your baldness. Women don't mind it. Combovers are stupid. #

00:32 Good night. This time it's.... real! #

11:11 Good morning. Day didn't start right. My 11-yr old basset decided to roam the yard & slip&slide. Had to get him. Now with mom @ her Dr. #

11:17 @queenamy83 Been away from Twitter. Just read your post. Glad that all went well. #

11:25 @Sims2 Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. #

18:23 @nevrothwen Just tell everyone that you have an iPhone bc you are an innovator. #

18:24 Gone the whole day. Took mom to the Dr. She heard good news. Healing nicely. Could have come home if we didn't live in a colonial house. #

18:25 Is anybody who has loudtwitter having trouble with it? It reaches my LJ 5 hours after I request it to arrive. #

18:35 Just watched the Official Podcast Video. Could that video be any less informative? #

21:00 @xgirl30 So I guess, loudtwitter is unreliable. #

21:09 Why am I bored today? #

21:27 @GSPN I hope that you mean 234th Plus member. Way to go. #

23:46 @greyrider Are you joining the community? #

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