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08:01 twitpic.com/1b7wv - Morning . Woke up to this : #

08:04 @patrickemerson I thought also that and was ridiculed for iit. It makes sense to be named after C. Pace. He was the catalyst for reunion. #

09:47 @ChefMark Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Stiva's Slave, And don't forget to shave. #

09:49 RT @twitter Update on follower counts; AOL contact importing bug tinyurl.com/crl67r #

09:51 @joaovsantos I wish I could help you. Don't know what happened. Suddenly, it crashed. I had to boot it, and all my contacts were lost. #

09:54 @patrickemerson I also thought that and was ridiculed for it. It makes sense to be named after C. Pace. He was the catalyst for reunion. #

10:02 @officeprincess It's scary to get stuck in snow. Hope your you, @slowlygoing, and the car is doing well. #

10:04 @joaovsantos Yeah, but I am PC based. I hope to get a MacBook soon. The other unfortunate thing, my last backup was 11/20/08. *sigh* #

10:05 @joaovsantos Yeah, I am slowly restoring everything and will start backing my phone everytime I synch it (which is everyday). #

10:10 @officeprincess @RadioDaniel & @ffluvssg1 Not everyone who is homeschool has trouble outside, and the opposite is true, too. #

10:11 @officeprincess @RadioDaniel & @ffluvssg1 Trouble with homeschooling is not everyone is able to teach all the courses: chem, high math, etc #

10:24 @peeler @officeprincess @RadioDaniel @ffluvssq1 That was my point when I said that the opposite is true as well. We did home enhancement. #

10:25 @anneso87 @officeprincess @RadioDaniel @spicedogs @ffluvssg1 I don't think homeschooling is good. I think combo is good. Home + outside. #

10:31 @anneso87 @officeprincess @RadioDaniel @spicedogs @ffluvssg1 Many homeschooled have academic troubles in tier 1 univ. (ivy + slight below). #

10:32 Why did I #reply myself? #

11:32 @ffluvssg1 I am saying tier1 schools and comparing them to those who are in formal school and get in to tier 1. They fare better. #

11:34 @ffluvssg1 To clarify, those who come from formal schools fare better in tier 1. You cannot compare homeschool graduation with formal school #

11:34 @ffluvssg1 (cont) bc homeschool already presupposes parental involvement. A number of formal school students have no parental involvement. #

11:36 @ffluvssg1 When you have no parental involvement, students have a higher chance of not succeeding. Formal schools are not evil depicted. #

11:37 @ffluvssg1 They are working under poor standards. Not enough funding. Lowering taxes makes school not receive funding required. #

11:38 @ffluvssg1 If we as a Nation thought highly of our education over sports or entertainment, we'd have betters schools. We cry over taxes. Cut #

11:39 @ffluvssg1 (cont) Cut taxes, we cry. That trickles down to poor funding of schools. #

11:50 @ffluvssg1 Do homeschoolers graduate from Tier 1? Their record is worse than formal schoolers. Many transfer out to easier schools. #

11:55 @ffluvssg1 In my opinion, if you homeschool, stop at 7th grade. Few parents can tackle the requirements for higher schools. #

11:57 @ffluvssg1 Hubby and I enhanced formal school. What they didn't teach, we did. Hubby is a Ph.D, with math & physics concentration. #

11:58 @ffluvssg1 I have a bio/physics background. Tg, we speak 7 languages. We had the expertise to enhance. But we made sure formal school was #

11:59 @ffluvssg1 the way to go. Daughter graduated with honors from Harvard. Son is an innovative, sought-after, linux geek. He earns 6 digits. #

11:59 @ffluvssg1 There is no way that we could have taught them what they needed to succeed in their careers. Formal school did that. #

12:00 @ffluvssg1 Your 10-15 K covers a school room with over 30 students. To get high-qualified teachers we need more. #

12:10 @joaovsantos The logo does look smaller. Strange. #

12:17 @miss_primavera I def. agree w/you. If a teacher would attempt to teach all the subj. required at jhs or hs level, public would crucify. #

12:57 @ChefMark Doesn't @evilchefmark celbrate his unbirthday? That would be more appropriate for his crochety character. #

13:13 @ffluvssg1 Average school teacher salary: $40,000.00. Average football player: $770,000, Who is more important? #

13:17 @RadioDaniel @peeler @officeprincess @ffluvssg1 I worked for an advocacy that represented both methods of schooling. Homeschooled are... #

13:20 spicedogs @RadioDaniel @peeler @officeprincess @ffluvssg1 better behaved (not that the others were badly behaved), were better at .... #

13:21 spicedogs @RadioDaniel @peeler @officeprincess @ffluvssg1 memorization, but failed misarably at creativity in the sciences. #

13:24 Found out that you can only use @replies for direct replies. Doesn't work when you are among many replied to. #

13:31 @JShea2009 Yeah, I know. I don't know how to program. Hence, I shouldn't complain. It may not be an easy code. #

13:36 @RadioDaniel @Phlegon @FullTimeMom @AlisonL I find that somehow the food at home does not jump at me either. *sigh* #

13:49 RT @JShea2009 Just in case folks haven't heard, Snopes verified the Valentine's Day worm: www.snopes.com/computer/virus/valentine.asp #

13:50 When we post a URL, how do we get the truncated version to show up in Twitter? #

13:54 @AlisonL tinyurl.com/ works. Thanks. #

14:00 @RadioDaniel Yeah, Twittelator does it, but not Twitter. #

14:04 @jaffy Tomorrow should be a good episode. I think that he will be in it. *winks* #

14:06 @txvoodoo I took the plunge. I bought the mocha with the burlwood skin. Really looking forward to my new Kindle cover. #

14:15 @JShea2009 iPod? Or do you mean iPhone? #

14:16 @miss_primavera Why are you asking about autofollow? Are you dreading that your followers will suck you into following someone? #

14:17 @miss_primavera I wish I had thought that they might have Twitters. That would be awesome. But American Indians did. It was called Smoke. #

14:20 @JShea2009 You are Mac based, aren't you? Totally different animal. I am PC based #

14:29 @CharlesWidmore I'd love to know that secret. But I am assuming that you won't tell me. I swear that I won't tell anyone. #

14:31 @RadioDaniel What's the diff btw www.bit.ly and tinyurl.com? If nothing, why do your like one over the other? #

14:31 @Colleen84 Have you moved to NC yet? #

14:34 @RadioDaniel Sounds good. #

14:36 @Tulipdog Love your username. So creative. #

14:37 @miss_primavera Could you DM who? #

14:40 @miss_primavera Is it the same name that you tweetered to @bardsong? They are called spam. They used bots to pick our user name. #

14:43 @miss_primavera They found out that you like books and voila, they follow you. #

14:50 @Colleen84 Ah, Valentine's day. How romantic and hectic. #

14:51 @hangry Oh, noooooooooooo. Salmonella. #

14:52 @queenoftheclick What is wrong with doggie? #

14:53 @RadioDaniel Yes, I looked and it says "Older" and "Newer." #

15:00 @txvoodoo Both are beautiful. The green one was awesome with the green skin. #

15:08 @txvoodoo I hope that you are not into Twilight. #

15:10 Listening to Community Voice Podcast #3 #

15:36 I (heart) that GSPN podcasts exist. #

15:51 @greyrider Frank crying in the bathroom was an amazing scene and Ben's reaction to Alex's death. Can't decide btw these 2. #

16:06 @txvoodoo I am so glad to hear that you are not a fan. I went as far as Chapter 2. Yuck. #

16:07 @greyrider OMG, is that possible? You can show the movie and that specific episodes that you quoted and then ask your question to them. #

16:13 @greyrider Actually, I have very few on-location friends who watch it. The OMG remark (which didn't come off) was sarcasm. #

16:16 @greyrider I was one of those who didn't want to be caught dead watching the show. Found a bargain with 1st DVD & got hooked. #

16:16 @greyrider You want them to describe it or really show? #

16:22 @greyrider And how did your bro. know about ME? Through The Practice? #

16:25 @greyrider So you want them to use an enriched vocabulary to really describe emotions. #

16:37 @greyrider R u doing an acting class or a writing class? I'd be pissed if I paid for a writing class, & I'd be asked to act. But that' s me! #

16:42 @greyrider SAW is not my type of movie, but I watched it. I forgot that he got a cult following off of that movie. #

16:44 @greyrider But you are asking them to literally show you the emotion. In my book, that's acting. #

16:50 @greyrider Let's try again. It's hard w/140 word limit. R they writing down the emotion w/o saying "She felt faint," instead they write.... #

16:50 @greyrider (cont).... the room was spinning as she heard the news? #

16:52 @greyrider My other favorite actor was in SAW: Ken Leung (Miles). #

16:56 I need to leave to see mom. But I need to talk to my boss before leaving and my boss is at a meeting. Rats #

16:57 @greyrider Ken (Miles) was the Asian detective: Detective Steven Sing. #

16:58 @greyrider Danny Glover was in it. NO Fishborne. tinyurl.com/baqp9j #

17:06 @bardsong I liked it as Ramanana. It sounded like stupid lyrics for a song: Ramanana Ding Dog. #

17:53 @ffluvssg1 LOL. I wish I could. We don't live in a perfect society. #

17:54 @RadioDaniel Congratulations, Daniel. I think anybody younger than 35 who has had floride treatment is in your lucky shoes. May you continue #

18:00 @ffluvssg1 You are OK with teachers salary, class size, and books? You live in suburb. Go to the urban areas and then talk to me. #

18:01 @RadioDaniel Amen. #

21:57 Just got home. I am exhausted. #

23:11 I'n trying out twhirl. Tweetdeck refuses to open. I'm refusing to reboot. Let's see who will win, me or the computer. #

00:17 I'm soon going to bed. Good night! #

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