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07:50 Morning. I am at the station, waiting for the commuter train. #

10:38 @patrickemerson We had springlike weather here as well. Love and hate these teaser weather. #

10:39 @nevrothwen Ah, comfort food, mug, and music. Glad that you are feeling better. #

10:41 Arrived at work with the song 9 to 5 blasting through the commuter train's PA system. This new conductor has a good sense of humor. LOL #

10:48 @miss_primavera I recommend these: tinyurl.com/dnyd2w #

10:51 @nevrothwen Oh, so sorry things are not going well. #

10:54 @anneso87 It all depends on your finances, the subjects that you want to concentrate on, and your grades. #

11:01 twitpic.com/1elo6 - Brie, our yellow cat #

11:02 @scoopie77 Here's our Brie: twitpic.com/1elo6 #

11:05 @miss_primavera You won't need earclips. These fit in nicely and comfortably. Also, they come in various colors. #

11:07 @anwyl Glad that @greyrider is feeling better. Your a good hubby she tells me. #

11:09 @seat42f Do I need to watch previous episodes to understand The Big Bang Theory? #

11:11 @scoopie77 Our cats are named after cheese, and our dogs are named after spices. #

11:55 @JMascarenas et tu? #

11:56 @julie_333 Reminds me when hubby encountered a little boy who wanted to know how soda comes out of machine. He explained the physics... #

11:57 @julie_333 (cont)... and the complicated technical aspect of the machine. Boy didn't understand. Finally, hubby said, "you put money in... #

11:58 @julie_333 (cont)... and the soda comes out. Boy: "Aw, that's how it works! Thanks." #

11:58 @NatalieTM Thank you. #

12:00 @julie_333 Have another with godson. He wanted to know about why the moon has so many phases. After explaining the phenomena. The answer.... #

12:01 @julie_333 (cont)... Sometimes the moon is fixed and sometimes the moon is broken. #

12:14 @anneso87 I think that they meant to say that they do not provide financial aid. #

12:15 @WritingSpirit Hope Twitter reinstated @OHHDL's twitter account. #

12:30 @scoopie77 I own a Kindle 1. Love it. I am replacing Kindle 1 when the newest Kindle will have color. #

12:30 @miss_sophia Jeremy G. #

12:31 @miss_primavera The strange activity apparentlly is having too many followers in a short period of time. #

12:32 @scoopie77 I like that too. We have 4 parakeets named after odd couples: Oscar and Felix and Lucy and Ethel. #

12:37 @Sims2 Maybe it should become the American way. It would lead us to a better path. Nah, we are too impatient. #

12:38 RT @cnnbrk Admin: Twitter is having problems sending messages via sms etc. Please see gsfn.us/t/2wmg for more. #

12:40 OMG, I overpassed 3,000 posts on Twitter sometime this morning. As of now, it is 3,018. #

12:43 @scoopie77 It is perfect. I like to read 2 or 3 books at once, too. It makes my travel a bit lighter. Have not yet tried the subscriptions. #

12:56 @miss_sophia We wanted to. They were the ones who defaulted on the "contract." #

12:57 @seat42f Yes, I watched some episodes. Didn't realize that it was The Big Bang Theory. Thanks. #

13:01 @beiting @alaskabrad I got boxes on Twitter as well. It looks OK on Twitterlator. #

13:06 @alaskabrad I got boxes on Twitter as well. It looks OK on Twitterlator. #

13:43 @queenamy83 Yes, they are. She is such a good kitty, too, #

13:46 twitpic.com/1eo5c - My lunch today. Shimp teriyaki. #

13:54 @anamariecox McCain just dropped a few notches in my book. He used to be a nice person. #

13:56 @polvodestrella LOL. I think that I need a life. #

15:02 All this tea talking. Does somebody actually packages the tea? #

15:03 RT: @BreakingNewsOn Twitter says it suspended the account of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama because it was created by impersonator. #

15:11 @Sims2 I just hear so much talk about tea and am wondering where the tea is being purchased from. #

15:25 @Sims2 I (heart) this beautiful weather we are having. #

15:53 @miss_primavera Is this for real or RPG about Dwight and Michael? For real meaning on TV of course. #

16:16 @TheODI I follow you because of the following choices: A, D, and F #

16:17 @jayandjack Do you have an app, or we download the way we would download songs to the iPhone? #

16:18 @miss_primavera It sounded like it could have been a real TV storyline. #

16:20 @stephsmith @SuperTim I agree, @Colleen84 is not a shy person. She is, after all, a New Yorker. LOL #

16:22 @miss_primavera I know that you have a fantastic Michael Scott. *winks* #

16:27 @bardsong Did you see this? twitter.com/Dwight_KSchrute #

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