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07:26 Good morning. It is really windy today. LOST was great! #

12:00 twitpic.com/1g7f0 - In honorif LOST, I'm having a LOST-based lunch. 8 scallops, 8 grapes, & 4,815,162,342 noodles. #

12:33 @greyrider I, personally, can't stand Facebook. #

12:35 @greyrider LOL. I had honor last night's great episode. #

12:36 @julie_333 I would've obliged you with a recount. But, alas, I ate the evidence. Sorry. #

12:44 @ffluvssg1 Happy Birthday to you! #

13:49 @carriecotter "An intelligent idiot! " is an oxymoron. Darwin knew what Ontogeny recapitulats phylogeny is. Do you? #

14:02 @RadioDaniel I find that friendorfollow.com is telling me that I don't follow those that I am following and it is wrong. #

14:09 @carriecotter It's a well-confirmed theory—much more so than the Bible, which is based on faith and belief. #

15:21 @RadioDaniel Is that something just happened. That's not the theory of evolution. Take a course in it. You'll learn a lot. #

15:23 @carriecotter There are gaps in evolution. The Bible is loaded with contradictions. A contradictory theory can't be true. Logic 101. #

15:33 @hypnagogia Mr. Rogers loved children. I know. I sat behind him in Church & saw him interacting with them after the services. Great man. #

15:34 @txvoodoo Translations of what? #

15:37 @txvoodoo He was my neighbor as well. #

15:39 @txvoodoo I use tweetdeck at home. Although I started using twirl lately. #

15:41 @txvoodoo I forgot to send this tweet: Span or other Latin-based languages uses more words thane Eng to express a thought. Not easy 2 tweet. #

15:42 @krissi Are you superstitious about Fri the 13? I was born on Fri 13. #

15:43 @txvoodoo Maybe I did. That would be awesome, I think. LOL You could DM his name. #

15:44 @krissi LOL. #

16:17 @greyrider I think that they are both awful. Myspace is too cluttered. Facebook is full of games that I keep getting asked to join. Love LJ. #

16:20 The Office is on tonite. I'm excited. After the heavy LOST episode. It's nice to laugh. #

16:21 @greyrider You are straying. LOL #

16:22 @greyrider You should DM about LOST. There are people who have not seen it and don't like spoilers. #

21:33 @AlmightyDollar If we'd spent the 800 billion your way, more American will lose jobs. I'll sacrifice my share of $2,600 so others may eat. #

22:05 @AlmightyDollar Cool! #

23:19 @greyrider That is so sad. Low-attention span. #

23:20 @greyrider The wording is about TOQ and pain. I'll be this vague. #

23:29 @greyrider Sorry about that. I guess, I find other things to talk about besides my life. #

23:30 @jaimers327 Congrats. That's a great event. In today's economic condition few get anything. In my office, we got nothing. No $$ reward. #

00:02 Good night. Time to go to bed. #

00:31 @goodthingscomin I just saw your post about your job being safe. I am really happy for you. #

00:37 @txvoodoo That's fascinating about clownfish. #

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