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My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

11:22 @greyrider Please don't tell me that you're a Twighlight fan. #

11:23 @scoopie77 I gave up drinking soda 6 weeks ago. #

11:32 @GSPN Doing happy dance that plus membership keeps increasing. The word is out: Listen to GSPN podcasts for good quality shows. #

11:36 @baybee33 Thankfully, there's always iTunes or abc.com. #

22:19 @scoopie77 I drink water and when I want something sweet, I use any of the Crystal Light flavored drinks. #

22:19 @Sims2 and @scoopie77 We rock!!!! #

22:20 @QueenAmy83 The Office was very funny today. Should I watch Grey tomorrow? #

22:30 @rainnwilson Not bad! You sound like just like Carlton. #

22:31 @QueenAmy83 Cool. I was looking forward to that wedding for 5 years now. #

23:00 Off to bed. #

23:36 @L8yFingers607 Sounds great! Really looking forward to it. Will think of a place. #

23:44 @txvoodoo Meant to tell you that I like your new icon. #

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