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19:52 Hello Twitters. I was so busy today. Took the dogs to the groomers for a long-needed bath. They are so soft and cuddly now. #

19:54 My insurance won't pay for my cardiac therapy. They don't care that my heart was weakened by a virus. Only for heart attack or transplant. #

20:36 @JShea2009 Yes, I am financially capable of covering it, as my sick leave is paid for. I feel for those who can't #

21:28 @zestylime You are correct. The heart in his body is artificial. #

21:29 @ffluvssg1 You are welcome to set one up here for me. LOL #

21:30 @julie_333 Yep. Lovely insurance. Luckily, I am financially capable of paying for it myself. Pity those who can't. #

21:31 @txvoodoo I am a true Taurus as well. #

21:43 Does anybody know what is going on with Samantha Who? I think ABC is doing the same thing it did to Pushing Daisies: Killing it. #

22:06 @mcdinoh You will make @GSPN happy if you go into Podcasting. #

22:47 @Sims2 Welcome to for-profit health-care system. #

23:06 Good night. #

23:45 Good night to you, too. BTW, we can't meet on 5/22. Brian forgot that we'll be seeing Garrison Keillor. #

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