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14:10 I have a floater in my eye and it is very annoying. Seeing the eye doctor on Thursday. #

14:11 @nevrothwen Booo! Did that scare your hiccups away? #

18:32 @GSPN I am very proud of you Cliff. Great job. BTW, just finished your '3398 PABL podcast. Hope you don't check having diabetes. It sucks. #

18:33 @nevrothwen WhooHoo, my magic Boo... helped. #

18:35 Went to cardiac therapy. Glucose dropped to 48. One of my heart med prevents me from getting 1st sign of low glucose: rapid heart beat. #

20:34 @TIWWH More power to ya. I am off of that stuff as well. I'm on my 2nd month. #PABL #

22:15 @GSPN #PABLS is the only way to make sure that we remain enjoying Life. #

23:05 I'm not a Facebook aficionado, but I just found a number of cousins from my paternal side of my family. This is really a nice experience. #

23:06 Just finished listening to @GSPN podcast #PABL, number 399. I love how excited Cliff is about his life changing success. Way to go, Cliff. #

23:24 @swellyn You think so? You think that 2.5 Men jumped the shark? I think they are as silly as they've always been. #

23:57 @swellyn I thought that stuff was just silly things. I am awaiting Charlie and his fiancee's breakup. How long can he last? #

00:07 @TIWWH I missed DWTS today #

00:10 OMG, ABC canceled Samantha Who? Why do the do this to the shows I liked? #pushingdaisies #Samantha who #

00:13 Why don't we send tons of pies to ABC executives to reinstate #Pushing Daisies and brain matter to reinstate #Samantha Who? #

00:17 Off to sleep. Good night. #

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