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My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

09:31 @SylvieDog That looks like a foiled attempt at countercruising. #

09:43 @GSPN Hope you had oatmeal for breakfast. It's a great cereal. It helps keeping cholesterol at bay. #PABL. #

09:49 @blwbyrd Love that song (My Sweet Lord). Brings back good memories. #

09:52 My mom has a nack of taking a shower when I am about to do so too. I'm hurrying with mine before the water gets cold. #

09:53 @blwbyrd I am getting stronger and better everyday. Thanks for asking. #

10:12 @blwbyrd My primary doctor gave a new 1. Will call her on Tues. Good things: she's near & part of my insurance. No more out of pocket $. #

10:14 @lozzyjay Nice to have generous mom. ♬ ♫Happy belated birthday to you. ♪ ♬ #

10:24 Managed to take hot shower. My triceps needed them. Hope mom managed to get a hot shower, too. #

10:36 Sitting on my chair in my bedroom while waiting to dry. Have a cute kitty on my lap. It's our bonding time. twitpic.com/5rm9d #

14:50 My blog about seeing A Prairie Home Companion: spicedogs.livejournal.com/522442.html #

14:53 @sylviedog twitpic.com/5di9b - Mugsy, this is Basil (I stole the 'puter from mom). I used to fly. Not worth it. Food is better at ... #

14:54 @SheikhThenBake Way to go. And you were worried. Call your dad with the great news. He'll be thrilled. #

14:55 @mommymadonna Are you going to do the background check? #

16:06 @mommymadonna Wow. Just think ... the possibilities are endless for anyone with ill intent. #

17:04 @FullTimeMom You are too young to have grey hair. #

23:40 Had a great time at live radio broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion. Met Garrison Keillor. Took picture together. The man is awesome. #

23:43 @mommymadonna Yes, I met him a few times. He remembered me. How awesome is that? #

23:45 @txvoodoo LOL at your headband story. #

00:24 @KimPointBlank I don't think reading a novel is unproductive. It's relaxing. #

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