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06:32 @greyrider Round window is made of win to sit and read. #

06:34 I must definitely be better. I now get up early every morning. I don't feel the need to sleep 11 hours. I now sleep 8 hours. #PABL #

06:35 @SheikhThenBake Shape of the clogger? #

06:37 @Sims2 I (heart) the wonderful podcadts that keep me entertained. #

06:54 Caught up with my tweets. #

10:55 @joaovsantos Isn't that sweet? I love ducks. #

11:05 @Rosie_Bassett Tell mom that a wet burrito is a wonderful perfume. #

11:06 @TIWWH Isn't it sad how we depend on it? #

11:06 @Lilygcs jealous. #

11:17 @joaovsantos I love animals. #

11:54 R.I.P. David Carradine. His manager found him hanging, an apparent suicide. He was 72. #

11:54 @nevrothwen Shopping for bathing suit is traumatic. #

12:43 My healthy homemade soup: chicken broth, carrot, mushrooms, cubed tofu, and noodle-shaped shirutaki mushrooms.#PABL twitpic.com/6lubf #

14:08 @JoyVBehar That's a drop-dead beautiful ceramic. #

14:20 RT @theRamenNoodle Wish I'd said this! "YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge into one super time-wasting site called YouTwitFace." #

14:24 RT @k9cuisine Oprah's Puppy Adoption Drama is.gd/MrbT #

14:26 At the nail salon. Getting a mani- and pedicure. It's great being pampered. #

14:29 @txvoodoo Have I told you that I love you? Your comments about Liz Chaney are fabulous. #

14:30 RT @txvoodoo Waiting for lightning bolt to strike Liz Cheney dead for all these lies coming out of her mouth. #

14:36 @TIWWH Proud of you, Wayne. #

14:37 @FullTimeMom Hope you all have new bathing suits. #

23:46 @stephsmith No way, there was love in Everybody Loves Raymond. Not so in Jon and Kate. #

23:52 @greyrider There's no law that forces windows to be linear. #

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