Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

My Purchases

I got myself some useful stuff. First of all, I bought a pair of sandals and paid 6x the amount that I pay for a pair of shoes. But I loved the color, the style, and the comfort.

I have diabetes and sometimes the insulin I take drops my glucose to a dangerous level (doctors are working on calibrating the right dosage—I may end up on an insulin pump). Hence, when I go out, I take juices, granola bars, and glucose tablets in case I need  to elevate the glucose levels while I am away from home. Moreover, as I have to carry my insulin, which needs to be refrigerated, I need to carry the cooler to keep the juices and the insulin cool in the hot summer days. I found a great cooler that actually looks like a purse in Target:

The I found this great water bottle that matched my new acquired purse:

And finally, I found a soup thermos. 

It has a special drawer on the top that hides the spoon, AND it matches my cooler.

I had a great time shopping today.

Tags: personal, purchases
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