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08:29 Good Morning. #

16:58 I'm at cardiac therapy. I have no stamina. #

17:10 Stopped cardiac therapy. I'm sick. Going home. #

17:52 @L8yFingers607 Yes, the lies bother me, as we'll as the fools who believe them. #

19:34 Support gspn.tv Community, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - twibbon.com/join/gspntv-Community #

19:37 @ChefMark Sorry that you heart was broken. {{{HUGS}}} #

19:46 Retest update: After 3 additional imaging and an ultrasound. Technician assured me that the ultrasound is conclusive: Result is Normal. #

19:47 @miss_primavera Yes. Normal is good. Thank you. The problem was that the newest technologies shows things that weren't there before. #

20:08 Haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in ages. Anyone can fill me in how George met his demise? DM if necessary. #

20:53 I got a great synopsis of Grey's Anatomy. I will definitely start watching
it again this season. Thank you, Lisa. #GA #

21:05 @GSPN Your dad is in my thoughts, Cliff. #

21:05 @FullTimeMom Thank you, Steph. #

22:26 Going to watch "Doubt" with hubby. Because life happens, it took us weeks to be able to see the movie. I'm grateful that we have Netflix. #

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