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Spicedog's Daily Tweets

My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

07:34 What a start of a morning. Hubby's house key was in car & we didn't see it. Mine was inside the house & we had to get in. #

09:45 Argh! I have a meeting to go to. #

13:18 Today's lunch: Potato- leek soup,baguette, butter, & orange juice. twitpic.com/hy6ax #

15:06 @stephross2311 Thirteen-hour days sound brutal, though. #

15:30 @t_valerie WhooHoo. That's awesome. #

16:31 @julie_333 Yay #

16:35 @txvoodoo {{HUGS}} #

16:50 @polvodestrella Just think.... It can't be that difficult, as so many children speak it. #

17:09 All the Kanye jokes I have seen so far are hilarious. #

17:28 @Rosie_Bassett twitpic.com/hz3nf - You are gorgeous. #

17:35 RIP Henry Gibson bit.ly/3yt0j #

18:26 Home sweet home. #

23:00 Ah, sweet sleep. Good night #

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