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More Basil Update

I cooked some chicken with garlic and rice for Basil. He ate the chicken and left the rice untouched. I gave him some dog biscuits and up till today, he never refused his biscuit. In fact, I used to give him a few more than usual. I figured that anything in his stomach was worth it for me at this point. But, alas, today, he refused it.  I don't want to face that this may be the beginning of the end. *sigh*

We really don't know his age. I think that he is 13. My vet thinks that Basil is 15. No matter what his age is, he is one of those lucky dogs who is living a long life. And boy, on top of it all, he is loved.

Now onto something not so depressing: It was beautiful outside, and we had a new neighbor moving in. She is a beautiful 15-week-old golden retriever. The dogs were excited to meet her, and I managed to take nice pictures of Carrie and Basil. I hope you enjoy them.

The new neighbor

Carrie and Basil intensely watching the new neighbor.

Carrie is wondering whether the puppy is friendly.

My sweet Basil.

Beautiful Carrie.

And if you are interested, I have more pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/esbaker/sets/72157622421110686/

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