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Voicing my Thoughts

I saw a delightful movie this weekend: Happy Times. It was a movie made in mainland China by the same director who made Raise the Red Lantern. Happy Times is about an unemployed factory worker who wants to marry a portly divorcee. To get her interested, he tells her that he has a hotel, which in reality is really a bus in a park frequented by willing lovers. The divorcee makes him take her unwanted stepdaughter to work in his hotel. The stepdaughter is blind, emaciated, and a masseus. The middle-aged man comes up with a scheme to keep the blind girl happily and gainfully employed with the help of his retired friends. In the meantime, a sweet relationship develops between them. If you are able to rent this movie, I urge you to do so. It has a sad, but thoughtful ending.

I occasionally watch Dancing with the Stars. I am, for the first time, rooting for one of them: Donny Osmond. Don't ask me why, because I don't know. Maybe it's because he plays up to a "Bocke-like" relationship with the judge Bruno Toniolo. I just crack up when those two go at it.

Another thing that surprises me is that I started to like The Big Bang Theory. It took me this long to catch on the show. Boy, am I slow.

And lastly, I have a friend. I can honestly say a good friend. I never met him in person (although I intend to do so in May). But I know a lot about him, his wife, and children. He is a podcaster. I met him on the Internet because I once googled about LOST and I got a link to his blog. This man is everything that I am not. He is a deep Christian (I am an agnostic) and a Republican (I am a Democrat), but he has deep family values (just as I do). Anyway, let me get to the point. My friend's name is Cliff Ravenscraft. He left his profession as a successful insurance agent to become a professional podcaster. I am afraid that I was one of the many who encouraged him. Anyway, for a long time now, I have been trying to get Cliff a Wikipedia page. Today, my hard work worked out. I found a person who knew how to get him on, and, Cliff managed to find a person who was able to write up the page that passed the Wikipedia standards.  Now, onto my commercial plug, if you like to listen to podcasts, try GSPN. They are bound to have something that might interest you.

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