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Basil: Update

At around 3:12 am, we woke up to a horrible stench. Even though, all 3 dogs sleep in our room, we immdiately surmized that Basil had taken a crap in the room. I just had to find it and not step in it.

I looked everywhere and couldn't find the source of the smell, till I looked on his bed. There it was, diarrhea all over his bed. Basil was next to his bed, on the floor, for what appeared to be sleeping. I looked closer and saw that Basil was actually paralyzed from the waist down. He was trying to move, but couldn't.

I went downstairs to grab a couple of large garbage bags, wet wipes, and disposable gloves. Brian and I threw his bed in the garbage. (We had just bought it for $100.00--a real nice comfy bed for an elderly dog.) I cleaned Basil up with the moist wipes, while telling him how I loved him and how I thought that he was a great dog. Deep inside, I knew that I would need to call the vet in the morning and sign off to end his life.

Basil, however, has a different agenda. He is not giving up. So, in essence, he is making it very difficult for me to follow up on the final decision.

After I cleaned him up, I put a diaper on him (because I feared he'd have another accident) and tried to make him comfortable. Basil proceeded to get up, and with shaky legs, walked a few steps while wagging his tail. My boy wants to continue living so badly. I don't know what to do. He is lying down next to my feet, as I am typing this saga on my iPhone. Fiinally, he is not as agitated as he was before. I hope he gets some good sleep. We shall see what the morning brings.

Good night and thanks for being here for me. This year has been (and still is) such a roller-coaster year!

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