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My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

11:12 All I have to say is that Domenic Monahan is no Charlie in FlashForward. FlashForward was great, and so was The Office. #

11:14 @stephross2311 I thought you drove to work. #

11:18 @FullTimeMom Why don't you call your cell? I always do that when I misplace mine. #

11:19 @FullTimeMom Whoops, you just answered my earlier question. #

11:23 @TIWWH w00t. And I work from home on Frida
ys. WhooHoo. #

12:08 @anneso87 What are you doing in an American Army base? #

12:31 What a way to spend lunch: i'm at the phlebotomist. More than likely will miss part, if not all, the recording of Full-Time Mom podcast. #

12:34 Oh, that's an unfair bummer. #

16:11 @stephross2311 Can you utilize your time to catch up on some ZZZZZs? I do that. Or sometimes I watch DVDs. #

17:46 @Sharon1268 I was crying, too. I feel sad that the white duck died. #

17:46 @Sims2 I (heart) thra it's the weekend. #

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