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My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

09:27 The world sucks right now. My ergonomic keyboard broke at work. I was told that govt can't afford to give me the $69.00 keyboard I need. #

10:48 Thank God for foragers. A colleague found an ergonomic keyboard in the cubicle of a person who no longer works for us. Finders ... Keepers. #

10:50 @SheikhThenBake U didn't know that we live in a 3rd world country, did u? The IT person u talk to found me a keyboard from an empty cubicle. #

11:19 My old keyboard: twitpic.com/10vowu #

11:19 My new keyboard: twitpic.com/10voxh #

11:30 @joyfulmomlea Jealous! But I'll be there for the finale. How about you? #

11:33 @stephsmith They can't be his biological. He was dark skinned. But I think his gentleness is there because he was their father. #

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