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13:45 RT @Variety_StuartL: Had great 20-minute convo with M. Emerson last nite. Says scene wherin he killed Locke is hi-lite of his acting career. #

13:55 @Variety_StuartL When will you article be published on the Internet? #

14:02 Plow truck came by, plowed the other side, not mine, and left a huge pile of snow in front of my driveway. Calling city hall. #

18:17 @Prettylostxowbu Are you sure that she is fake. I can friend her and report her if she is. #

18:47 I am plowed out. The person we pay to shovel our driveway, shoveled my street, too. He is a gem. #

18:48 For those who think that shoveling one side is OK, bc they are coming back: I live on the cul of a cul-de-sac. No excuse for the faux pas. #

18:51 Saw horrible video of 2 girls fighting. 1 was hitting and kicking the other. No adult or security intervened. What's wrong with our world? #

18:54 @ChefMark My best friend used to make this dish. So delicious. You madee me think of her. She passed on 2 years ago. Good memories. #

19:12 @carriecotter WhooHoo. #

19:21 @ChefMark Thank you, Mark. #

20:05 @Prettylostxowbu DM her FB, I'll friend her. #

20:27 RT @jimmyfallon: …Maybe Tiger and Toyota should team up for a comeback with the slogan: “Tiger and Toyota, we swear we can stop.” #

20:37 @ilea02 Just saw your pix. We've had a total of 45 inches. What about you? #

20:52 @ilea02 My yard says 45 inches. #

21:06 @angelsteph It stopped snow. We are in recovery mode. #

21:06 Watching The Office. #

21:08 @zestylime Yes, there is. #thingsthataremoreimportantthanbillclintonssurgerypressconference #

21:34 RT @DogStory: Dogs no longer left out of the Twitter craze bit.ly/agruKP #

21:34 The Office was good this week. #

22:29 @RadioDaniel I have high hopes for The Office. #

23:56 I'm off to bed. #

23:56 @carriecotter I like it Carrie. #

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