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Basil Update—A Really Great News!

We were all ready to go and buy him that k9-cart. I even took the proper measurements. Then I got a phone call from my vet, asking about Basil. When I told him that Basil was not doing so well. He said to bring him in. Now, let me backtrack a bit about my vet. He is a good friend of mine. We've know each other for over 26 years. I met him when we had our first Spice, Ginger.

When we bought Ginger, we lived in another town, about 5–6 miles from where I now live. So when we moved here, we continued taking Ginger to the old vet. Then miss_sophia  entered a local dog contest, which our current vet was the judge. Ginger won for most spots over the Dalmatian dog that was also competing. (Can you believe it? Ginger was red and white basset hound, but her belly was full of spots.) And, Ginger also won for the longest ears, which bassets are bound to win, anyway. To make a long story short, I was very impressed with the vet (not just because he let Ginger win some prizes, but by the way he handled all the other animals in the competition. Consequently,I decided to take Ginger to him. I never regretted that move.

A year later, the vet and our family joined the local community theater. We did a lot of acting and theater productions, and we became real good friends. I think the care he gives my animals is genuine and is not just because we are friends. I know that to be true, because he has clients who come as far a 20–30 miles away. miss_sophia was the winner. She still went to him when she lived in Boston. It was a bit tricky taking the animals to the vet, but mom lives here. hehehehehe.

Anyway, we originally took Basil to the vet on Saturday, and one of his two assistants was the one who saw him. Then, by Monday his legs deteriorated and my regular vet wanted to see him. When I took Basil to the vet on Tuesday, his other assistant (who is as compassionate as he is) looked him over and thought that with Basil's will there might be some hope. We left Basil there for some observation and steroid treatment. This morning, I got a call saying that he was walking. That boy wants to live and wants to live a good life. It is still hard for him to put a lot of weight on his hind legs for a long period of time. His right leg is the weaker one. As you can see in this picture, he is eating and sitting on his lamest leg. But he is also up and walking as the second picture shows.


And last and but not least, I want to thank you all of you for your prayers, good thoughts, concerns, and for those of you who have bassets, for your drools. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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