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10:02 RT @MEmerson_Net: Michael Emerson at Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards. Photos —Michael Emerson News & Update Blog: bit.ly/9GBM7V #

12:26 @GSPN people. Will there be a Full-time mom podcast recording today? #

12:30 @anneso87 Thanks , Anne. Any reason? #

13:44 @Galumbits Sweet! #

13:59 Spicedogs: Carrie Preston and her beautiful dress: tinyurl.com/y8

21:27 @jopinionated I figured that out yesterday. I asked him a question over DM that he couldn't ans & his grammar was awful. #@SterlingBeaumon #

21:30 @jopinionated His website was a YT acc't & adv old stuff. Also, he was giving out spoilers, a big contractual no no. #@SterlingBeaumon Lost #

21:30 @anneso87 But I like Full-time mom podcast just the way it is. #GSPN #

23:30 @paleyfest Will to
morrow's panel be webcast? #

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