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10:39 Basil and hid brand-new wheels. Carrie is kissing him. twitpic.com/167v6e #

10:48 twitpic.com/167wo4 - Basil and hid brand-new wheels. Carrie is kissing him. #

14:16 @nevrothwen Why is it boycotted? #

14:38 @sawyerandkate That video is blocked entirely. I live in the USA & can't see it. Comcast blocked it. You must watch on E-online or embeded. #

14:39 @nevrothwen Is it an Independent movie? Wow. That surprises me. #

14:57 @nevrothwen Ah, they always think that they are above it all. #

17:07 @BelleMcFarlane Maybe that's why I can't finish my review. LOL #

17:49 @BelleMcFarlane Yep, that's about it for that episode. #

21:28 @txvoodoo I love how the world works. Now a lot of those I follow, you follow, too. Must be the doggie love. #

22:24 @anneso87 @xforce11 I'm glad you both liked this episode. Most Ben Linus/Michael Emerson ppl didn't. Think I'm the only one who did. #LOST #

00:20 @Benjamin__Linus I never saw you so scared. #

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