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Lost Episode 6X14: The Candidtate—Observations


What an episode. Today it’s Friday, three days have passed since I saw this LOST episode for the first time (I have rewatched it at least 6 times), and my jaw is still on the floor.

First of all, let me get some things off my mind. One of my jobs when I was a Freshmen in college was that of a dental assistant. Because of that former career, I look at people’s teeth a lot. So, it baffles my mind that Jack, who is supposedly the son of a successful spinal surgeon (which means he comes from money) has crooked teeth. As the son of a wealthy doctor, Jack would have had braces in his mouth by age 12 or 13.

Another bone of contention is Bernard. As a dentist, he too, should not have crooked teeth. Dentists don’t have crooked teeth. LOL. Of course, all of this is minor compared with Jack’s major breach of doctor’s behavior in this particular episode.

So unto my observations, Jack has not changed in the sideways world. He is still fixing things and adamant about it. He wants to fix John. He wants John to walk. But John does not want to go through the surgery. We will find out later why, but frankly, I don’t buy it.

When John refuses to go through the surgery that Jack is offering, he goes to Bernard (John’s dentist, or at least the dentist who did some emergency oral surgery on John when he had the accident that made him paraplegic 3 years earlier) for further information about the accident. It struck me strange that Bernard was in the same airplane that John was in (Oceanic 815), yet John didn’t recognize him or acknowledge that he was on the plane. Really weird.

Another weird thing is the way Bernard behaves in this episode. He seems to know about the both worlds (sideways and island). He gives Jack hints and weird smiles. I wish that LOST had gone deeper into the character build ups. Maybe one day a book will be written with more depth to it. (Dream on!)

Flocke is an evil bastard. But I think that in order to accomplish what he wants to do, which is to free himself of the island, he has to be an evil bastard. Although LOST is always giving us conflicting answers, I think that we we were finally given a major answer: Flocke can’t free himself without killing all the candidates. Island law mandates that he not kill the candidates. So, he has to find a loophole. He has to make it that the candidates kill each other. However, the candidates cannot commit suicide, but they can kill each other. The candidates cannot be forced into any situation they don’t want to be in. They have to want to be in that situation. This was the old rule that Ben told Jack way back in Season 3 when Ben needed his tumor on his back removed.

Jack was adamant that he wanted to stay on the island. If he were to stay on the island, Flocke would not be free. So Flocke manipulated the situation in such a way that Jack willingly went inside the submarine. Flocke switched backpacks on John, giving him the backpack rigged with a bomb that would not explode, but would give the impression that it would. It was up to the candidates to make the bomb detonate, and Sawyer, being the man without faith, pulled the wire that would make the bomb detonate. For once, Jack knew what he was talking about. He was being the good shepherd, but Sawyer would not listen. I don’t think Flocke took into consideration that Sayid was not totally evil. Sayid sacrificed himself for the good of the group. It was he who took the brunt of the bomb. He thus redeemed himself. I wonder what will happen to him in the sideways world now that he is gone off the island.

Something interesting that I read and have noticed myself is that the intervals between night and day on the island are short. The group gets caught by Widmore’s group at daytime and by the time they get to the Hydra station from the beach (a feat that was accomplished within minutes during Season 3), now took either a lot of hours or time flew by really fast. I wonder what the time increase is all about.

LOST has got to stop making me cry so much. Jin and Sun’s Titanic death was heart wrenching. I know that they are surviving in the sideways world, but still their island death was simply awful. I cried and cried when I saw that their hands unlocked. And then watching Hurley cry on the beach was not helpful either. Jack and Kate cried on and off during all the episodes, but not Hurley. Hurley was hurting. And man, so was I. This episode was hard to watch, and I think the roller coaster just started going.

All pictures were screencapped by spicedogs  and are available here.

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