Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

Spicedog's Daily Tweets

My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

11:06 @GSPN I didn't hear your Portuguese song. Can you give me a link? #

11:39 @angelsteph But depressing still can make good TV. #glee #

11:42 @RadioDaniel What are AT&T data plans? #

12:14 What happened to GSPN live? #

19:34 A Basset Hound Escapes the Jaws of an Alligator www.bhrescue.com/?p=673 #

20:13 @andytraub No, it acted up during the FFH show. #

21:26 @RadioDaniel I #

21:27 @RadioDaniel I'll keep my unlimited #

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