Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

My Fish Story and How I Almost Drowned My iPhone

When Meghan turned 2, her parents gave her 2 gold fish for her birthday. Meghan was totally enamored with Nemo, and all she wanted was a fish party and fish for a present. Well, miss_sophia  (Meghan's mom for those who don't know it) went on a minivacation and we watched her fish for her. So she brought the fish bowl and the two orange gold fish to my house. Yesterday, as miss_sophia  and her family were back, we went to her house to return the gold fish. As we were driving tomiss_sophia 's home, hubby had to make a sharp u-turn. This unfortunately, tipped the fish bowl over and most of the water spilled onto the floor. My iPhone fell on the floor as well and the water fell all over it. The fish were out of the water for a few minute. We parked the car and scooped the fish back to the bowl. One fell onto the pavement as I opened the door, but I managed to grabbed and save it from drowning in the air. Luckily, we had two unopened water bottles, and we gave the fish some emergency water. By the time we reached miss_sophia 's home, which was two hours later (due to the wonderful rush hour traffic in the DC area, the fish will still alive and thriving. My i Phone, however, died. The sound and the electrical connection died. But Apple products are good and sturdy, by this morning, the phone was working just fine. Now, we all laugh at this misadventure.
Tags: fish, iphone, personal
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