Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

Introducing Our Newest Addition to the Spice Rack

His name was Donovan, we renamed him Oregano, and we will call him Reggie for short. He is not in our household as of yet. We adopted him today at around 11:45 am. He came from BROOD, and as I am a fully approved for adoption, I could have brought him home. But, he was just plucked out of a shelter last night and is still intact. BROOD wants to neuter him, which is fine by me, I would have done it myself, but if they want to do it, so be it. Moreover, I am going to Orlando, FL on July 14 through July 19, and we feel that it will be best for him to come and live with us when his "momma" can be there with him.

He is about 18 months old, loves to play with cats, loves children, and gets along with other dogs as well. He and Carrie got along really well at the adoptathon. He gave me lots of slobbery kisses and I am in love.

Pictures from the adoptathon:

And once again, my boy:

Tags: adoptathon, basset hound, brood, new spice, oregano, personal, picspam, reggie, update
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