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30 June 2010 @ 12:30 am
Spicedog's Daily Tweets  
My attempts in communicating by using only up to 140 characters.

07:55 Good morning. It's a hot summer day. #

07:57 It's hot here, too, Fred. #

08:18 @polsdestrella "Every summer I remind myself that I should get an air conditioner." ;-) #

08:20 I'm finally on the train in a nice air-conditioned car. We may hit the 100s today, as we did yesterday. #

09:38 @nevrothwen I loved the first season of Kyle XY. #

09:53 @nevrothwen How do we survive? We stay indoors a lot. And, it's oppressively hot and humid, too. #

10:04 My train was late, due to heat restrictions, it had to crawl at snail's pace. #

15:25 @anneso87 @nevrothwen @ilea02 @Sharonruns Anne, I'm awaiting your news, too. And also why you moved to Switzerland. #

16:18 @Sims2 I(heart) that the rain we just had colored off the atrocious heat wave. #

17:22 @txvoodoo Poor cute babies
. #

17:29 @joyfulmomlea I find Boston, MA, to be
The same way. #

23:23 @greyrider Yes, his name is Oregano, and we call him Reggie for short. #

23:23 Off to bed. Good night world. #

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